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Latest News About Coronavirus and The Quarantine in Monaco

All in all the number of cases in Monaco remains low given that in the Principality there is a high degree of testing. The health authorities in the Principality informed that following analysis, four samples had tested positive for COVID-19. This brings the number of people infected by coronavirus in the Principality to 27, one of whom has now recovered. The Prince’s Government would like to reiterate the need to comply with the recommended precautionary measures.

It is good to see the reports that there are only very light symptoms noted for the two high profile cases of Serge Telle and Prince Albert. Our wishes for a speedy full recovery for both of them.

Latest News About Coronavirus

Disinfecting the Principality’s Streets 

With the approval of the princely government, the Monegasque Sanitation Society (SMA), now has 15 people with sprayers, walking the streets of the Principality disinfecting the ground and anything you might touch. This includes all the sidewalks of the Principality without exception, the stairways and escalators, public galleries, benches, bus shelters, etc. all the places where people can put their hands and also the places that are frequented by the public: the Fontvieille shopping center and stores. For disinfecting lifts and handrails, the operatives will be supplied with the necessary equipment to manually disinfect lift buttons, handrails of escalators and travelators and handrails of pedestrian walkways. These operations will involve 30 or so SMA operatives, seven days a week. The Monaco train station is disinfected separately by a private service provider.

Latest News About Coronavirus

Help For Companies Laying Off Employees Temporarily 

Companies in the Principality who wish to apply for Reinforced Total Temporary Unemployment (CTTR) for their employees can now carry out the procedures online.

Via teleservice, companies can both: apply for authorization for CCTR and file their monthly statements of payment of the completed partial activity allowance each month, online. The CTTR is an exceptional device which makes it possible to temporarily reduce or suspend the activity of employees. This emergency measure will end once the health situation has passed.

For more information if necessary on the sheet online.

Latest News About Coronavirus

Monaco Taxis Helping Out

On their Facebook page, you will see that Monaco taxis are committing to transport people receiving aid from the town hall and government social services free of charge for their medical trips. Some still have to travel to see their doctor despite the quarantine. It is reported that about fifteen of the 95 taxi drivers in the Principality (excluding electric taxi drivers), are still active.

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