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Launched: A Special Campaign for Donations Toward the Prince’s 60th Birthday

At an extraordinary meeting of the Monaco town council the Mayor has launched a special initiative to commemorate the 60th birthday of Prince Albert. Monegasques will be given the opportunity to celebrate the Prince’s birthday on March 14th and at the same time demonstrate their devotion to their sovereign.

The Mayor of Monaco, Georges Marsan, addressed the town council and outlined the proposal and how to implement it. A letter will arrive shortly, together with a form, at the homes of all Monegasques explaining how to subscribe and make their donations toward the gift for the Prince’s 60th birthday. The donations are voluntary.

There are precedents for this on two other very special occasions – one being the accession of Prince Albert II as Sovereign of the Principality in July 2005 when a sculpture and a painting by Georges Braque was presented to Prince Albert by his Monegasque subjects. The marriage in 2011 of the Royal couple, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene, provided the other special occasion for a gift in the form of two works of art, including one by Kandinsky, which were duly presented to the newly-weds.

A similar campaign ten years ago raised in the order of 300.000 euros on the Prince Albert’s 50th birthday. It is the wish of the Sovereign that the gift be in the form of donations to one or more of the special causes of his choice for which foundations typically exist.

It is also possible for those residents of Monaco who wish to make donations to celebrate the Prince’s 60th birthday to do so by making donations direct to the Monaco treasury.

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