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Marie-Pierre Gramaglia addresses members of Economic and Social Council

On Monday 19 February, in response to an invitation from André Garino, President of the Economic and Social Council, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development, addressed the members of Economic and Social Council.  She was accompanied by Jean-Luc Nguyen, Director of the Mission for Energy Transition and Séverine Canis-Froidefond, Director of Forward Studies, Urban Planning and Mobility.

Firstly, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia presented the National Pact for Energy Transition.  She recalled the main current and future activities, such as the launch of the solar survey and a dedicated web site – and, and then outlined the main aspects of the Pact, its aims and how to be involved in its Charter of Commitment.

Secondly, the main points of the project for implementing a Dedicated Corridor Public Transport System were discussed.  The meeting came to a close with questions and answers on mobility, travel and quality of life.


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