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Minister of State visits Jardins d’Apolline Renovations

The Minister of State, accompanied by Jean Castellini, Government Counsellor-Minister of Finance and Economy, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Government Minister of Public Works, Jean -Luc Nguyen, Director of Public Works, Rémy Rolland, Administrator of Domains and Albert Croesi, mediator to the Minister of State for Operation Apolline, visited the Jardins d’Apolline to see the progress of the renovation work.

The visit demonstrates how import this issue is for the Government, which has made the Jardins d’Apolline renovations one of its priorities.

Faced with the ordeals suffered by the residents of the Jardins d’Apolline last year, exceptional measures were put in place in terms of temporary relocation and financial support. These measures were motivated by the desire to ensure the durability of the residence in the long term and the tranquility of the residents.

The work undertaken aims not only to rehabilitate the buildings but also to offer 45 additional dwellings by adding one floor to blocks B and D and two floors for blocks A and C.

The minister of state said that “this decision was the right one and the only one. What we saw today proves that there was no other choice possible. All the issues found motivated the decisions that have been taken to allow residents to have impeccable housing, which we are committed to.”


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