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Monaco Accelerates Preparations for the World Universal Expo in Dubai with its own Unique 360 degree Pavilion

This is a giant Expo with an expected 25 million visitors and Monaco is playing an important role in it with potentially 7200 visitors per day. It is in Dubai 2020 and the countdown is now only 250 days thereabouts to be ready for next October for the Expo itself which will last almost 6 months (173 days to be exact).

This is the first universal world exhibition in the Middle East and it will be held from October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021.

100 Workers On-Site

Monaco has right now 100 workers in the process of building its own 1500 square meter Pavillion on a unique site in the form of three petals. Already it is taking shape with a 100 cubic metre concrete slab in place.

The theme of the EXPO is “Connecting Spirits, Building the Future”. The site is built like three petals, each corresponding to a theme: Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability, converging towards a focal point, Al Wasl Plaza.

Café de Paris

It will also house a Cafe de Paris with 60 seats serving barbagiuans among other delicious dishes. Stefano Brancato, Director of thé Café de Paris plans to relocate two or three professionals from Cafe de Paris to do justice to its Dubai offspring.

So Albert Croesi, who is organizing all the logistics, took the opportunity to gather in the actual BelleVue Lounge at Cafe de Paris, Monte Carlo the representatives of the very many Monegasque institutions and companies – potential or current partners of Monaco Inter Expo who are eager to know everything about this unique event.

Themes included in showcasing the Principality will include Portier Cove, digital transition and a smart city display by SMEG, Prince Albert I and Prince Albert II explorations, insights into corals and penguins, interactive technology including a bench, temporary exhibition spaces, and, of course, VIP and lounge spaces. There will be a mini Pavillion within the Pavillion where eighteen artists from Monaco will showcase art and culture.

World Universal Expo in Dubai

Albert Croesi also plans prestigious items to be displayed and sold in stores including collector’s and limited editions:

  • snowshoes from the Monte-Carlo Country Club,
  • miniatures from the first Formula 1 which won the Monaco Grand Prix, and emblematic stamps.

The exhibition will gather more than 200 participants including 192 countries.

“Monaco 360 °, a World of Opportunities”

Monaco Pavillion’s theme is “Monaco 360 °, a World of Opportunities”. Imagine the Pavillion as a kaleidoscope illustrating the many facets of the Principality: its characteristics, its professions, its activities, its multiple perspectives, its diversity … and the incredible amount of activities, too often unknown; there are so many opportunities offered within this small exceptional country of Monaco. A 360 ° overview to discover the Principality.

25 million people visiting the world Expo in Dubai are going to have the opportunity to discover Monaco in all its 360 degrees – which for many will be an eye opener ……

Hiring 70 Employees 

It’s the green light to race to be ready. In April, 300 square meters of solar panels will be installed and, in June, the interior fittings will be completed. The Monaco Inter Expo team is expanding, week after week, to plan meetings, and all the events that will take place from October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021. Hiring of 70 employees on-site is already being planned even at this early stage with selections to take place in March. Already Monaco Inter Expo has received more than 170 applications.

All that remains is for a high quality segment of that 25 million people to be “wowed” by the magic of the Principality.

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