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Monaco Archery Company Member participates at the French Championship and here is the result

Member of Monaco’s Archery Company, Christine Escoffier, was crowned French champion for the 2nd consecutive year for outdoor shooting at 50 metres. Trailing behind in 2nd place at the end of day one, she approached the second day of the championship with serene confidence, in spite of windy weather conditions. Her 1st arrow was off target but she refocussed and still managed to come out on top.

The French Field Shooting Championship gold medallist works as an Emergency doctor in Nice, meaning she’s used to managing stress in difficult situations. Christine Escoffier joined the First Archery Company of Monaco last year, finding support and a team spirit during competitions. According to the Monegasque Club, the President is very proud to count her among the members of the Company.

Outdoor archery or TAE is practiced on flat ground from March to September. It is divided into 2 disciplines: TAE international discipline and the TAE at 50 metres on a 122 cm target. The TAE international discipline is for recurve bows and is the only event currently represented at the Olympic Games. Each archer shoots 12 ends of 6 arrows, for a maximum score of 720 points.

The First Archery Company of Monaco was created in March 1957. After several participations in the European and World Archery Championships, the company was represented in 1984 at the Olympic Games. Gilles Cresto performed well at his first Olympic Games in Los Angeles, finishing 37th place out of 62.

Since then, the first company has taken part in numerous championships in France, Europe and around the world. In 2017, Monaco presented an archery team to the Games of the Small States in San Marino. In 2018, Monegasque Agnès Allongeville became French champion in nature shooting. Christine Escoffier’s championship title is a big win for the Monegasque Club!

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