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Monaco Charity News: new partnerships and projects

In this article you will learn details of recent global charity work with connections to Monaco, thanks to collaborative efforts in the world.

Amade Mondiale

The Amade Mondiale reinforces its intervention with the children of Africa.

The World Association of Children’s Friends (Amade) Mondiale recently organized a conference in the Principality with its network of partners. The conference offered an opportunity for exchange at the two-day program on children’s issues, to share best practices and discuss the launch of new initiatives. At the opening of this conference, the Board of Directors of Amade Mondiale, meeting under the presidency of the Princess of Hanover, under the 2017 program renewed its support to a number of programs supported by the association. This included for example the protection of children accused of witchcraft and the demobilisation of children associated with armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo, access to secondary education for girls in Burundi and the protection and integration of unaccompanied migrant minors in Italy and Germany.

Since the adoption of its new intervention strategy in 2013, Amade Mondiale has raised a total of 2,076,383 euros for some twenty programs in the fields of child protection against violence, exploitation and abuse, access to education, access to health and emergency aid for refugee children or victims of natural disasters. These programs now directly benefit nearly 50,000 children.

The Board of Directors wished to reinforce its intervention in the field of access to education by initiating a pilot project on access to digital education in Burundi. This program will make it possible to introduce access to digital education in Burundi, within the college of excellence administered by Amade Burundi as well as a network of primary schools near the college.

Amade will also respond to the appeal made by the women of North Kivu (Republic) about their living conditions and especially intimate hygiene. The association will introduce an intimate protection production unit using local raw materials and based on technology initiated by Technology for Tomorrow (T4T) in Uganda. Access to these protections will be combined with a project to promote access to education for girls. In Niger, a country neglected by many operators, Amade Mondiale will strengthen its partnership by financing the construction of 8 classrooms and the renovation of 4 classrooms.

Partnership between the Government of the Principality of Monaco and Amref Flying Doctors 

On 8 May 2017, Ms. Isabelle Rosabrunetto, Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Government of the Principality of Monaco, and Dr. Sylla Thiam, Regional Director, Amref Health Africa in West Africa, signed a memorandum of understanding in Dakar. The signing was attended by Mr. Ibrahima Souka Ndella Diouf, representing Senegal’s Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.

Amref Flying Doctors

Through the memorandum, the Prince’s Government is committing to support an Amref project to improve infant and maternal health in the Kolda region of Senegal until 2019. Kolda, in Upper Casamance, is one of the worst located regions in terms of access to health care and has infant and maternal mortality rates which are significantly higher than average for the country.

Monaco’s contribution will enable 6,500 women a year to give birth in medical facilities with assistance from qualified staff, and will provide essential newborn care, adequate immunisation coverage and early detection of abnormalities for 29,000 children.

This innovative project, conducted in partnership with Handicap International and French Development Agency AFD, will make use of information and communications technologies (remote training platform, telemedicine platform, mobile phones, etc.).

It is part of Amref’s Stand Up for African Mothers campaign, which aims to train 15,000 African midwives.

Lions club

The Lions Club of Monaco recently celebrated the centenary of this global body. It was an evening that paid tribute to the creation of a philanthropic club, born overseas.

Ties, badges, almost everything bears the Lions Club logoon Jürg Schimd. The current President of the Monaco branch is nearing the end of his term, and has the opportunity to conclude it in style with the centenary of the international organisation. The anniversary will be celebrated on 17 May at l’Hermitage, the “HQ” of the organisation. It is here that the forty members meet, twice a month, to discuss the next charity to which to make a financial contribution. This is how the tradition of the Lions Club International has persisted in the Monegasque branch.

The world’s biggest service club

The Lions Club

On 7 June, 1917, Melvin Jones, a Chicago businessman, surrounded himself with rich philanthropists, bringing them together under the same motto: “We serve”. The Lions were born and today they represent the largest service club in the world with more than 1.6 million members in more than 200 countries, and in 1961 the club came to the Principality. One of the most recent projects has been to assist victims of an earthquake in Italy in October 2016. “We do not like to give money haphazardly,” explained President Jürg Schimd. “Our role is not to substitute ourselves for politics, but to use our network, our influence to bring these problems back to the ears of leaders.” So, in collaboration with the Lions Club of the city of Liesi in Italy, for example, they contributed to offer a refrigerant container to a shepherd of the province, having lost all of his products in the incident.

Small and large projects, this article highlights further examples of the extent of global charity work Monaco is involved in.


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