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Monaco Classic Week: Start of the regattas on Wednesday

Monaco Classic Week La Belle Classe takes place 13 to 17 September 2017 with regattas started on Wednesday. It is an invitation to travel back in time. Excitement at the arrival of the first traditional yachts that dock at the foot of the Yacht Club of Monaco to participate in the 13th Monaco Classic Week. There is Creole (1927), considered the masterpiece of Charles Nicholson who made the first entry. This impressive three-masted schooner of 58 metres was followed by Moonbeam IV (1914), designed by W. Fife, which belonged to Prince Rainier III under the name of Deo Juvante or Puritan (1931), one of the most beautiful schooners of John J. Alden who made his great return in the principality, having participated in the 1st Monaco Classic Week in 1994. The tone is set! For nearly a week, enthusiasts are gathering to share their passion for traditional yachting.

This biennale, which is the first gathering in the world to honour the sailing and motor vessels, testifies to the unwavering commitment of the Yacht Club of Monaco to the maritime heritage sailing. Echoing the first motorboat meetings of 1904, this event is the only one to bring together the most beautiful traditional sailing boats, with vintage motor-yachts and old motorboats, to which a fleet of 12’ Dinghies is included.

Monaco Classic Week
@Stefano Gattini

This 13th edition calls for excess, evidenced by the presence of 21 Large Boats (+ 25 m), nine more than in 2015. Among them, Creole who this year celebrates its 90 years, but also Sylvia, a ketch of 1925, which is also due to the architect Charles Nicholson, who is present for the first time in Monaco. The 2017 is offering looks sumptuous, with in total:

80 traditional sailboats of which the four 15 M JI
40 canoes including 26 Riva
4 vintage motor-yachts
and 40 12’ Dinghies

Show accessible to all! Regattas, regularity or speed races are the high points that liven up the Monegasque lake. Events are visible from the bridges of the Yacht Club of Monaco and from all points of view overlooking the Monegasque lake. To be closer to Monaco Classic Week, its Village is open to the general public, from Wednesday to Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm (free admission). The opportunity to discover the yachts at the docks but also the fifteen exhibitors: craftsmen, antique dealers, painters, sculptors…

Monaco Classic Week
©Stefano Gattini/YCM

Another novelty is the exhibition for the first time of period photographs of the Archives of the Prince’s Palace, which retraces “The Evolution of the Port of Monaco (1830-2017)”. After the regattas at sea, the tests also continue on shore, like the price of “La Belle Classe Restauration”, whose vocation is to preserve and enhance the maritime heritage or the Contest of the Chefs. Chaired by Jacques Maximin, a unique character who is admired by his peers with his 54-year career, this original culinary event highlights the creativity of crews who combine meats and champagne. The happiness of the taste buds will blend with the pleasure of the eyes with the Elegance Competition which will see all the boats pass before a jury composed of artists and celebrities. They will have the difficult task of separating the lines of the ships, the crews and the respect of naval etiquette. The highlight of the week is the awarding of the Monaco Classic Week Trophy, chaired by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, the first man to have completed a solo and non-stop round-the-world tour. During five days, the Principality is reviving the past and especially on Saturday when all sailors will be dressed in period dress, in keeping with the year of their boat. Rendez-vous along the quays for a timeless embarking!

Provisional programme (subject to change)


Thursday 14 September

9h00 Inspections of the Technical Jury of the “Belle Classe Restauration”
9h00-10h00 Competition of Chefs (distribution of baskets on the platforms)
11h00 Regatta of 15 M JI and traditional sailing boats
17h00-19h00 Contest of the Chefs (presentation of dishes on the quays with Moët Hennessy)

Friday, September 15

11h00 Regatta of 15 M JI, traditional sailing boats and dinghies 12′
12h00-16h00 Regularity test for the canoes, followed by a picnic at sea.

Saturday 16 September: From the Belle Epoque to the Roaring Twenties, each one has their own style!

11h00 15 M JI regatta, traditional sailing boats and dinghies 12′
14h00-15h30 Automobile canoe elegance contest 14h30-15h30 Exhibition of the old Yoles in the YCM Marina (in collaboration with the Société Nautique de Monaco)
16h30-17h30 Contest of elegance at sea of sailboats

Sunday 17th September

11h00 Presentation of the Prizes (by invitation)

Monaco Classic Week is sure to please fans and experts alike!

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