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Monaco Economic Board offers to explore new business opportunities in Slovakia and Moldova

Economic missions to Bratislava (1-3 May 2017) & Chisinau (3-5 May 2017).

If you are interested in developing your business by exploring new opportunities in Slovakia and Moldova then you can find out more in this interview with the Monaco Economic Board (MEB). Here are the responses to our 3 questions for Michel Dotta, President of the MEB.

What is the purpose of economic missions?

Several times a year, the MEB proposes to the entrepreneurs of Monaco to participate in an economic mission in a pre-defined zone. On site, they can benefit from business-to-business meetings organised according to their requirements and expectations. They can also develop good institutional networks. This type of travel also allows them to get to know each other better, which, in addition, paves the way for new collaborations between Monegasque business leaders.

Michel Dotta, President of the MEB
Michel Dotta, President of the MEB. Source:

Why did you choose Slovakia and Moldova?

Slovakia currently benefits from a favourable context: low cost of raw materials and limited dependence on large emerging economies and recovery in Western Europe. It can rely on its high productivity, its modern industrial equipment and on a highly skilled, inexpensive and disciplined labour force. Provisions for GDP growth are expected to reach + 3.2% in 2017 and + 3.8% in 2018. Moldova, for its part, rebounded from the financial crisis that affected it in 2015. Their agriculture (orchards, vineyards) produces 1/4 of exports and their industries, especially textile, benefit from a real expertise, as we can see with the major fashion brands that have already established themselves there. Seven Free Economic Areas have been set up and can provide opportunities for investors. These trips offer two countries for you to discover!

Who can participate in this mission?

Any Monegasque company can register, regardless of size or sector. The important thing is that the participants communicate to us clearly enough and in advance about their core activity and their expectations, to allow us to organize their appointments.


Provisional program:

– 1 May departure from Nice airport to Bratislava (Slovakia)
– 2 May on site: Bilateral meetings and B to B appointments
– 3 May return to Nice OR flight to Chisinau (Moldova)
– 4 May on site: Bilateral meetings and B to B appointments
– 5 May return to Nice

> Estimated participation fee*:
– Option 1 Slovakia: 1,900 euros (1,400 euros MEB Members)
– Option 2 Slovakia + Moldavia: 2,700 euros (2,200 euros MEB members)
* Including flights + transfers, hotel and bilateral meetings

> Registration deadline: Friday, 10 March

More detailed information here: www.meb.rmc,    Tel. : +377 9798 6868

These trips truly offer an opportunity to explore new horizons for Monegasque business by spending time in Slovakia and Moldova with the guidance of the Monaco Economic Board.

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