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Monaco Imposes a Curfew To Combat the Second Wave of Covid-19

Swiftly on Thursday, just prior to the new national quarantine imposed by France coming into effect, Prince Albert II addressed as expected the mounting strong second wave of Covid-19 in Europe. 

Much to the relief of the resident population of Monaco the Prince has announced, instead of an all-encompassing quarantine, the establishment for one month of a curfew in the Principality. It will be in effect from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., starting this Saturday October 31st. 

The Princely government and the Sovereign have therefore decided to tailor measures more specifically to the needs of Monaco than a blanket following of the approach taken by France or even that taken by Germany or being considered by Italy.

No Quarantine 

There will be no confinement. The Ministry of State together with a joint committee with the National Council and an audience at the Prince’s Palace have carefully put together a package of measures in sympathy with France to combat the pandemic but unique to Monaco as follows: They will come into force overnight from Saturday into Sunday.


The Principality of Monaco is establishing a curfew from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., applicable from this Saturday, October 31.

Shops and Restaurants Remain Open 

Local shops and restaurants may remain open, “with certain special adaptations”. According to clarifications in press reports restaurants will be able to remain open in the evening, at least to allow professionals to provide some types of service.

Whether bars will be able to remain open requires further clarification. It is not yet specified. 

Continued Economic Activity 

Economic activity will be generally preserved with however a certain number of constraints and inevitable restrictions for certain sectors. 

The entire school and university system will continue its activities in compliance with prevention standards. 

The Prince supports and encourages the use of telework, both in the private and public sectors. This will reduce the number of people coming into close contact with each other while commuting and working and thus impede the circulation of the virus 

It is anticipated, that imminently, members of the government will specify the terms of application of these measures with further clarification during a press release. 

The Prince welcomes the cooperation of each and every member of the community in respecting these new measures to defeat this strong second wave of Covid-19

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