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Monaco launches world’s fastest internet

Las week marked the launch of a major advance: the first mobile commercial network at 1Gb/s. With this innovation, Monaco Telecom is continuing its commitment to combine performance and quality. The 4G at 1Gb/s is 21 times faster than 3G.

“Now the Principality, thanks to Monaco Telecom, is the only country in the world that can offer its inhabitants, who are subscribed to Monaco Telecom, a quality of 1 Gb per second for both fixed and mobile connections.  This permits acceleration of downloads (a 2G film can be downloaded in 17 seconds) which has been demonstrated with presentations by Monaco Telecom,” said Etienne Franzi, President of Monaco Telecom.

Monaco Telecom
The launch was attended by HSH Prince Albert II, who is part of Monaco Telecom’s board.

Highest quality streaming, new forms of usage with the possibility of more people being connected at the same time… the qualities of the milestone were also presented by Christophe Pierre, director of electronic communications, Martin Péronnet, director of Monaco Telecom and the President of Huawei France. The launch was attended by HSH Prince Albert II, who is part of Monaco Telecom’s board.

“This is proof, if any is needed, that the Principality, despite its constraints, its size, its topography and other factors, is innovative and high-performing.  And I believe that, thanks to these technological innovations from Monaco Telecom and its partners like Huawei, we have arrived at achieving a degree of performance and innovation which is truly indispensable,” said Prince Albert II.

Monaco Telecom

“For sure, Monaco Telecom has a clientele which, I’d say, is atypical compared with elsewhere.  We have frequent travelers, we have people who use a lot of Internet, and consequently, Monaco Telecom has to bring itself to the forefront of technique and technological innovation.  Which it does, with its chosen partners like Huawei, one of the most important adversaries in telecom technology,” said Etienne Franzi.

The launch took place at the prestigious Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters, an event which Monaco Telecom has been associated with for many years.

The equipment that can receive signal at such a speed however will be released no later than in a few months. But first steps are done!

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