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Monaco Mediax Announced New Appointments at the helm of SPORTEL Monaco and SPORTEL Awards

Monaco Mediax is proud to announce, at the beginning of the year 2024, new appointments at the helm of SPORTEL Monaco and SPORTEL Awards. These changes are part of a dedicated strategy for excellence and innovation in the sports business and events industry.

Loris MENONI, the new Executive Director of SPORTEL Monaco

With 17 years of experience within the Monaco Mediax Group, Loris MENONI is appointed as Executive Director of SPORTEL Monaco. He has held various leadership roles within the company, including Marketing Director, and for the past five years, as the Executive Director of the SPORTEL Awards event. His leadership, expertise, and passion for sports make him the natural choice to lead SPORTEL Monaco to new heights.

I accept this new challenge at the helm of SPORTEL Monaco with immense pride. Our goal is to maintain and strengthen the event’s reputation for excellence while exploring new opportunities for the sports business industry. We aim to stimulate innovation and foster strategic partnerships, thus providing an unparalleled experience to key players in the sports business world.” – Loris Menoni

Marine PICOULET takes charge of SPORTEL Awards

Simultaneously with the appointment of Loris MENONI, Marine PICOULET will assume responsibility for SPORTEL Awards. Joining the Monaco Mediax leadership team, she brings with her 14 years of service and experience in communication and marketing, specifically related to SPORTEL Awards, an event she already knows well. To facilitate this transition, Marine PICOULET can rely on the experience and significant network established by her predecessor, ensuring the continuity and success of the event.

With great motivation, I accept this new mission within Monaco Mediax, and I want to express my pride in bringing my expertise and total commitment to taking on the role of head of SPORTEL Awards. In close collaboration with Loris, I am committed to building on the work done in recent years, with the goal of propelling this event to new horizons and providing an exceptional experience for all sports enthusiasts and industry professionals.” – Marine Picoulet

New appointments 
at Monaco Mediax New appointments 
at Monaco Mediax

Lara ISOARDO will lead the international development of Monaco Mediax

In order to promote the international activities of Monaco Mediax, a new position of Director of International Development has been created. Lara ISOARDO, who has successively served as the Executive Director of the Television Festival and SPORTEL Monaco, has been selected to assume this new responsibility.

“Guided by my passion for the television content industries of fiction, documentary, sports, and events, I am thrilled to play an active role in the international development of Monaco Mediax Group. Our ambitious goal is clear: strengthen our position on the global stage, create exceptional synergies, and open up new perspectives. It’s an exciting time for the media industry, and I look forward to contributing to the growth and evolution of Monaco Mediax by collaborating with a dynamic and talented team.” – Lara Isoardo

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