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Monaco Red Cross Responds to Urgent Need to Help Injured Civilians Including Many Children in Afghanistan

The humanitarian situation is worrying in much of Afghanistan. Following a call from the International Committee of the Red Cross [ICRC] to come to the aid of the local population, the Monegasque Red Cross immediately released the sum of € 100,000.

The news at the end of August has shed light on a worrying humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, and the needs of the population will increase following the recent fighting and the flight of hundreds of thousands of people.

At the initiative of its President, the Monegasque Red Cross immediately reacted by releasing the sum of € 100,000 for the ICRC’s action in Afghanistan.

Within the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the ICRC is the organization that intervenes in armed conflicts to protect those who are not taking part in combat. Despite the situation, the organization, which remains highly operational, does not plan to reduce its presence in the country. Through contacts with all parties in the conflict, ICRC teams in Afghanistan are responding to the urgent needs of Afghans affected by the fighting.

The operational focus is currently on health activities (especially for people wounded by weapons of war) and dialogue regarding the impact of the current fighting on the civilian population.

“Our medical teams and our physical rehabilitation centres expect to receive over the next few months and years new patients, victims of the explosive devices that litter the country and many of which have been planted in recent weeks.”

Shocking Numbers of Children with Severe Injuries

“We are shocked to see so many children, young women and young men flocking to our centres who have been mutilated by these weapons”, explains Robert Mardini, director general of the ICRC, in a statement issued by the ICRC.

To Make a Donation

To join in the action of the Monegasque Red Cross, you can also make a donation. All monies donated will be donated to the ICRC in Afghanistan.

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