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Monaco Scientific Centre–Chanel Precious Coral Biology Research Unit

Monaco Scientific Centre and CHANEL have signed a partnership agreement to create a Precious Coral Biology Research Unit. The goal is to develop fundamental research programmes to improve our understanding of some key red coral life processes in order to protect the species.

Mindful of the need to protect the oceans, CHANEL Jewellery is committed to conservation of the Mediterranean red coral used in jewellery and is teaming up with Monaco Scientific Centre to create the Precious Coral Biology Research Unit. Chanel is keen to pursue sustainable development and environmental protection initiatives that are consistent with its business.

Mediterranean red coral is an iconic material which has been used to make jewellery since antiquity. It is distinguished from tropical corals by its characteristic red hue and very slow growth, which is why it is considered to be so valuable.

Having been exploited for a long time, red coral is now a natural treasure of the Mediterranean that must be protected. The scientific partnership between Monaco Scientific Centre and CHANEL is part of this effort.


Launched in 2019 for a six-year period, the scientific programme seeks to gain a better understanding of Mediterranean red coral’s growth and colour mechanisms, and to study innovative solutions that will help to conserve the species. The results of the research will be published so that they are available to all interested stakeholders.

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