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Monaco Skaters Shoot For The Stars

The vision of Edmond Pizzi, the founder of the Monaco Skating Federation and a fervent believer in the potential of skating in Monaco was more than rewarded in the Gala put on by the Skating Club of Monaco this weekend. The Gala followed on the heels of a series of very demanding competitions held by the Monaco Skating Club which saw skating at very high levels.

The weather did not cooperate, but the skaters and the crowd overcame the elements and ensured that the Gala was a great success. How proud the parents of these Monaco school-children representing fifteen different nationalities must be.

The Gala event included wonderful exhibitions of the skating programs by the winners of Categories F and G (categories for more senior school-children), a beautiful ballet by the younger skaters to the music of ‘‘Mission Impossible’’, and impeccable skating exhibitions by Misses Laura Bondi, Rubina Peruchetti and Chelsea Bouilly – all to the accompaniment not only of beautiful music but also of visual effects – flames leaping high into the raindrops on the way to the stars.

This was followed by a demonstration of Free Style skaters; that is a new discipline that the Skating Club of Monaco offers and the youths put on a sophisticated show on only ten days’ notice. Then followed the main ballet to the music of “Star Wars”. The Gala finished with a demonstration by the Ice hockey team “The Barracudas” and a few representatives of the younger up-and-coming players.

The evening demonstrated the enormous effort made by Monaco in promoting sporting opportunities for young people; and that was very evident from the applause from every level of Monaco society who braved the rain to cheer on the youngsters and make this event possible – not to mention the opportunity to participate that all Monaco school children have at their disposal.

Monaco Skating Competition Results

Category A (children under 4):  1stVeronica Sorensen, 2nd: Olympias Svensen
Category B (1st skating level): 1st: Lucie Asso, 2nd: Leila Eccles, 3rd: Madeline Cucchi
Category C: 1st: Joeline Kalbfleisch, 2nd : Mia Eccles, 3rd: Sophie Moore
Category D/A (under 11s): 1st: Amendine Cellard, 2nd: Camille Pastor, 3rd: Alice Graille
Category D/B (Over 11s): 1st: Cassilia Gourdon, 2nd: Diana Cohen Hemsi, 3rd: Cylène Gourdon
Category F: 1st: Jin-Ju Yu, 2nd: Sofia Gandolfo, 3rd: Caternia Cassina
Category G: 1st Valentina Romano-Gargarella, 2nd: Louise-Marie Ambroise, 3rd : Lie-Lou Khemila
Category H : 1st Rubina Peruchetti, 2nd: Laura Bondi

Special distinction for most promising young skater, the Edmond Pizzi Cup, was awarded to Caroline Kalbfleisch.

Special distinction for most regular progress and participation in the Skating Club activities, the S.C.O.M. Cup, was awarded to Mr. Leo Vachnadze.

Special distinction for performances at the international skating level, the Monaco Skating Federation Cup, was awarded to Mr. Davidé Lewton-Brian who was participating that day at the French National Championship competition.

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