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Monaco supports the development of the bus line 100 Nice-Monaco-Menton

In terms of mobility, the Monaco Government encourages the use of public transport both in the country but also to access the Principality. A policy that falls within the framework of a narrow cooperation with the French authorities. Thus, we recall that in 2008 the purchase by the State TER trains integrated into the regional network of the SNCF has increased the capacity of servicing the station in Monaco during peak hours.

Furthermore, in July 2014, the Monaco Government partnered with the creation of the bus line 101, in partnership with the Council of the Alpes-Maritimes. This new line was serving all stops on route 100 between Saint-Laurent d’Eze and Carnoles, passing through Monaco. The assessment, conducted for this line but also for the 100 line (Nice-Monaco-Menton), showed that the attendance on line 101 remained well below the forecasts and it did not allow the improvement of the operation of the line 100 during rush hours.

Following these results, the Monegasque State, the Council of the Alpes Maritimes and the company “Transdev Alpes-Maritimes” decided to reallocate the means of line 101 to the strengthening of the line 100 to optimize the needs of transport of employees between Nice and Monaco. The State will be participating through an annual grant of 450,000 Euros.

For its part the Alpes Maritimes will contribute to two additional articulated buses thus having a homogeneous fleet of vehicles. This new offering is reflected in particular by:
– 7 additional departures from Nice to Monaco and 8 departures from Monaco to Nice;
– Reinforcement of the frequency at peak hours with a 10 minute frequency from Nice (direction Nice / Monaco) between 6:05 and 8:25 Monday to Friday and a frequency increased from Monaco from 16:45;
– An extended time range 30 minutes from Nice in the morning with first departures at 5:35 ET 20 minutes from Monaco in the evening with the last starts at 21:00;
– The use of 17 articulated buses of large passenger capacity.

Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Government advisor for the Minister of Infrastructure Environment and Urban Planning, said: “The State of Monaco, who helped to create Line 101, has decided to support the strengthening of the line 100, which each day carries the number of employees who choose public transport to the Principality. We welcome this partnership with the Council of the Alpes Maritimes. “

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