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Monaco Yacht Club Busily Engaged With The Monaco Economic Board General Meeting

A proud legacy of 40 Meetings with Members congregating to review their progress and chart their future. That has been the defining achievement of the Monaco Economic Board which this month held its 40th at the Yacht Club – a General Meeting that was overflowing with members

For the occasion numerous personalities from the Principality were on hand, including the Minister of State, Pierre Dartout, and the President of the Conseil National, Stephane Valeri.

President Michel Dotta and Executive Director General Guillaume Rose took the opportunity to give an overview of the year 2021 and present the outlook for 2022. Members will be able to take the pulse of their current year’s achievements when they next meet on June 28th. 

Immediately following the General Meeting of this April were opportunities to attend Digital Workshops on e-commerce and e-learning and grasp the essence of the digital economy in which we are all immersed – including a Workshop on April 28th. 

Following on April 29th there is a Conference on Agro-food in Africa in collaboration with CEMA. 


Also on the programme of the MEB in April and May are Mébinaires with multiple business destinations and delegate receptions including : United States (April 29th), Vietnam (May 14th), Djibouti on (May 8-11th), and then stretching into July and October with: Japan (July 2nd) and Australia (October 20th). 

The Monaco Economic Board has always based its activities on a thorough understanding of the economic outlook – tuning into the views of the experts in the field. 2022 is no exception with a series of Economic conferences including those by Alexandre Bubbio, director of IMSEE, on June 28th, Ludovic Subran, chief economist of the Allianz group, on July 11th, Jean-Pierre Petit, president of Cahiers vert de l’économie, on September 13th and Christophe Barraud, chief economist of Market Securities, on November 8th. 

Between June 12th and 14th, meetings are planned, in partnership with the Conseil National, on the occasion of the conference of the Presidents of the parliaments of the small States of Europe where there is a special opportunity to meet other chambers of commerce. 

Key International trips are planned for later in the Year including to Canada in September, to Madrid in October, to Paris in December, and to London during the 4th quarter.

Innovation and industry

Innovation is essential to the development of the economy while its current engines of tourism, real estate, construction and finance continue. The Minister of State emphasized the importance of diversification and of including industrial activity in the mix. The pursuit of excellence to create an edge over competitors is key … especially in complicated periods like the one we are in. 

The General Meeting closed after discussing the subjects of Monaco as the Capital of Advanced Yachting & the My Global Village initiative. Claudia Batthyany, now project manager at the Yacht Club of Monaco, gave conviction to the watchphrase “Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting”, the initiative which already benefits from numerous partnerships. A special educational film supported the presentation.

Marc-Lionel Gatto, general coordinator of Village Francophone & myGlobalVillage, vigorously described this platform which links French and English-speaking decision-makers and agents of the digital economy. MEB has joined My Global Village as has MonacoTech.

The General Meeting concluded its packed agenda as the MEB prepares for another busy year. 

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