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Monaco’s Most popular Baby names in 2023

Monaco’s city hall has released all of the civil registry numbers for the past year. The most popular baby names have changed in 2023 compared to 2022, with two new names taking the top spots. The Principality’s births, marriages and deaths are all recorded in official registers, the oldest dating from the 16th century.

How many babies were born?

804 births (versus 862 in 2022) took place at the Maternity Hospital of the Princess Grace Hospital Centre (CHPG). 400 births were from marital unions (called legitimates”) and 404 children were born out of wedlock.

In regards to places of residence, 229 families were domiciled in Monaco, while the other 575 births concerned parents domiciled outside the Principality, mostly from the communes of Menton (172), Roquebrune-Cap-Martin (89) and Beausoleil (82).

Louise and Théo take the top spots for most popular baby names!

The top 5 of the most popular baby names in 2023 were: Louise, Chloé, Emma, Jade and Chiara for girls and Théo, Gabriel, Léo, Leonardo and Andrea for boys. (In 2022, Emma, Alice, Chloé and Stella were the most popular girl’s names, while Leonardo, Aaron, Gabriel, Raphaël and Louis were the top names for boys.)

Over 500 Deaths

538 deaths (versus 528 in 2022) took place in 2023. More than 79% of deaths occurred in hospital, 10% occurred in a clinic and 1% in a nursing home. Of the deceased, 258 were domiciled in Monaco and 280 in the neighbouring communes.

More marriages and divorces in 2023 compared to 2022

There were 194 marriages registered in the Principality in 2023 (three more than in 2022). Two marriages were between two persons of Monegasque nationality. 35 Monegasque men married a woman of foreign nationality while 28 Monegasque women chose a foreign spouse. The number of divorces was higher than last year, with 64 divorces registered in 2023, all nationalities combined (versus 58 divorces registered in 2022).

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