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Monegasque Wins Bronze Medal in Spartan Race World Championships in Greece

A Spartan Trifecta is earned by completing three different Spartan obstacle course races: 

  • One Sprint, which consists of 7 kms with 20 obstacles (walls, rope climb, bucket carry, barbed wire crawl, etc.)
  • One Super, which is 12 kms with 25 obstacles
  • One Beast, a monster race course of 25 kms with 32 obstacles, including a swim

No wonder people often ask: “Why in the world would anyone want to do that?” Why submit oneself to being miserable, exhausted, and dirty and getting all beaten and scratched up. 

But superhumans like our Monegasque heroine can’t help themselves, generous in spirit helping others over obstacles and encouraging her competitors . Racers come from all walks of life, and every race, ethnicity and background – just like the Monaco community – united by a desire to test themselves, overcome obstacles and cross that finish, to celebrate together.

Spartan is the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand. Beyond engaging more than 7 million participants in the more than 300 race events, the Spartan lifestyle spans more than 45 countries and encompasses a global championship series, training and nutrition programs, health and wellness products. 

And the ultimate Trifecta is held on the hallowed ground of Sparta, Greece, Home of All Spartans! A three-race championship held on the first weekend of November each year. The 2022 Trifecta World Championships was held among the mountains and ancient olive groves of Spartan’s spiritual home in Sparta, Greece. Every Spartan must prove themselves in Sparta. Stand on the starting line and race through Ancient Sparta, past the tomb of Menelaus, through the waters of Evrotas , finish before the statue of King Leonidas and find glory in the ancient homeland of the Spartans. Spartan was not only the ultimate race to challenge Monegasque Manon it was also the ultimate experience. And the Monegasque indeed stood out at these Spartan Race World Championships in Greece. No need to go for glory, no artificial pressure. It was all about participating, Manon fully satisfied to simply be the finisher of this immense race. 

There was no question of putting any pressure on herself when she arrived in Greece. But the Monegasque pushed herself beyond any normal limits, solely those that were in her mind of steel. 

Against the odds she won an incredible bronze medal for the 25-29 age group.

Manon Boyard won a heavenly bronze medal defending the red and white colours of the Principality.

Monegasque Courage Delivered Astounding Results

Manon Poyard finished 2nd in the sprint (7 km-20 obstacles), then Saturday 2nd in the super (12 km-25 obstacles), before Sunday’s 3rd place finish in the beast (25 km-32 obstacles – 900 m drop).

A huge storm had hit Sparta overnight from Saturday to Sunday. The question was whether it was going to be possible to even start the final of the three races or not? Instead of shorts and T-shirts, leggings and jackets were de rigueur. 

Winds and tides, mud, swimming in a river, fully soaked. It was the stuff of champions that the Monegasque did brilliantly.

In the end to keep her rivals for medals at bay it was all about burpees, and in this challenge Manon is almost in a league of her own. The finish beckoned, a magnificent third place courageously earned.

Manin Boyard results

Race 1 – Sprint

7km, 20 obstacles, 200m 1h02 – 30 burpees


12km, 25 obstacles, 300m 1h45 – 30 burpees


25km, 32 obstacles, 900m 4h02 – 180 burpees


44km, 77 obstacles, 1,400m 6h51 – 240 burpees

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