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Monte-Carlo Fashion Week awards Naomi Campbell

She’s nicknamed “the panther” because she walks quietly yet gets all the attention. Naomi Campbell is an icon. At 47 years old, with a career spanning over thirty years, her style and beauty have left a mark on the world of fashion. The Monte-Carlo Fashion Week team chose to honor the English top-model by awarding her with the International Fashion Award. A “pride” for the President of the Monegasque Chamber of Fashion, Federica Nardoni Spinetta, who created the event and is organizing it for the fifth consecutive year.


The gala evening will be announced at the Oceanographic Museum in the presence of Naomi Campbell on Thursday, the 1st of June. The ceremony will also be an occasion to award “personalities in the different fields of fashion.” Like Chiari Boni, the Italian designer, famous for her ready-to-wear collection for traveling women, named “La petite robe”, made of materials which are easy to live in. She will receive the “Made in Italy” award for the quality of her Italian manufacturing.

Naomi Campbell

Another award, dedicated to ethical brands, will be awarded to Muzungu Sisters. Dana Alikhani and Tatiana Santo Domingo, who is married to Andréa Casiraghi, are behind this clothing concept which is ethically produced by craftsmen in 16 countries. This event will be part of a fashion week with a Monegasque flavor orchestrated throughout the Principality. On the 2nd and 3rd of June, the fashion community will migrate to the Fontvieille marquee, which will be renamed “Fashion village” and a catwalk will be created to host two days of fashion shows and a showroom that will present a selection of different brands.

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Naomi Campbell


Fashion Shows- Chapiteau de Fontvieille

Friday 2 June:

2 pm: Chiara Bonil
3 pm: Muzungu Sisters, Beach & Cashmere Monaco
4:30 pm: Alessandro Angelozzi, Thema Espina, Josephine Bonair, Herblain
5:30 pm: Annalisa Queen, Banana Moon-Livia, Luca Taiana

Saturday 3 June:

2:30 pm: EzaTuba
3:30 pm: Edda Berg, Nando Muzi, Babylon
4:30 pm: Anita Pasztor, Leslie Monte-Carlo, Stardust Monte-Carlo, Carlo Ramello, Natasha Pavluchenko
6:00 pm: A’Biddikkia, Nordic Angels By Marketa Hakkinen, Mariela Pokka
7 pm: Fabio Castellani.

Showroom (2 and 3 June):

A’Biddikkia, Alef Bags, Amato Daniele, Anita Pasztor, Beach & Cashmere Monaco, De Tiara, Elizabeth Wessel, Ezra Tuba, lstituto Maragoni, Ivana B.V., Kira Kirikivich, Leslie Monte-Carlo, Luca Taina, Marina Gurvich, Marina Savelieff, Minnie’s Jewels, Nando Muzi, Nordic Angels, PisaniMaura, Royal Beachwear.

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