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New Agreement between Hotel Fairmont and its employees

Due to the health crisis, Fairmont Hotel management has had to resort to creating a restructuring plan. Implementation of the plan has begun during January 2021. For now the hotel has confirmed the voluntary dismissal of 47 employees and the forced dismissal of 6 employees.

Management originally planned to abolish 72 posts out of a total of 411 staff who had “indefinite” appointments. 

The hotel managed to reach reasonable agreements with the employees. As a result of these arrangements, forced dismissal was limited to only six positions.

Restructuring the Size of the Workforce

Pierre-Louis Renhou held the office of regional vice president in November 2020. Three months after he took office, the restructuring plan was launched. 

Hotel management has always pointed out that this is a direct need that has arisen in the wake of the pandemic crisis. To protect the hotel and its employees from the consequences of the financial crisis, the unavoidable mission has had to be to change the size of the business.

Strikes in Monaco

Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on many economies around the world. And one of the sectors most impacted is tourism. Quarantine, partial lockdowns and curfews have also hit business hard. Restaurants and bars have been impacted disproportionately. Monaco has withstood the crisis but is not immune and SBM which is heavily engaged in the hotel and restaurant business has also had to restructure. The restructuring plan includes some layoffs and voluntary retirements.

In the week before Christmas, there were three organised demonstrations by unions representing some of the employees of Cafe de Paris, the Hotel de Paris and reportedly the Hermitage. The demonstrators, including 80 from Cafe de Paris, spilled out into Casino square on a few limited occasions between 11am and 3 pm. to protest. Hope and faith in rapid change 

The Fairmont hotel’s representatives strongly hope that the vaccine will allow everyone to regain a certain freedom of movement and, consequently, the hotel will be able function well and restore normal life very quickly.

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