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New Chairman of The Monte Carlo Comedy Film Festival Jury

The Oscar-Winning Screenwriter, Producer and Director Paul Haggis Chairs The Jury of The Monte Carlo Film Festival de La Comédie

The Jury of The Monte Carlo Film Festival de La Comédie
Paul Haggis. Photo credit: Guzman

The acclaimed director, screenwriter and movie producer, two-time Oscar winner, Paul Haggis has been appointed as President of the Jury of the 19th Montecarlo Film Festival de la Comédie, taking place from the 25th to the 30th of April in the Principality of Monaco. As for this year as well, the Grimaldi Forum of the Principality of Monaco is ready to welcome audiences and international guests in compliance with the rules for the containment of the emergency. 

Following prestigious guests and jurors such as Claude Lelouch, Emir Kusturica, Nick Vallelonga and Raoul Bova, just to name a few, this year Paul Haggis will be the President of the Jury, Oscar-winning world famous filmmaker for “Crash” and “Million Dollar Baby”.  

Paul Haggis:I have often been asked to list my favorite films, and I always refuse. It is impossible. As soon as I list ten, I think of twenty more, so, I just don’t do it. That said, if I really truly had to make a list, I think some people would be surprised that comedies would be at the very top of the top. (…) “Long way of saying I am thrilled to be president of this year’s jury and I really look forward to laughing my ass off with others in a dark room all week. Thanks for allowing me to do it, and allowing me to add to the list that I will never make (…)”.

High-profile standing, Paul Haggis (“Million Dollar Baby”, “Casino Royale”, “In the Valley of Elah”, “The Next Three Days”) can count on a long list of movie productions during his career as screenwriter and director in “Crash”, three-time Oscar winning movie for best movie, best original screenplay and best editing. 

Monte-Carlo Film Festival mainly aims at promoting and spreading comedy in its different facets through competing and non-competing movie premieres. A unique occasion in the international scenario for this beloved movie genre, often wrongly considered of minor importance by critics, which thanks to Ezio Greggio and the lamented maestro Mario Monicelli (co-founder of the Festival) endeavors contributed in its revaluation also among other international festivals as Cannes, Rome and Venice. 

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