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New civil regulations in Monaco

The National Council of Monaco has voted in for “PACS” which was voted a few years ago in France, has now been adopted and adapted to Monaco. Although a third of the elected members was absent, the law was voted in by nearly all that were present. It was the first time in history a law was passed that had been proposed by the elected minority in Monaco.

The contract de “Vie Commune” has contributed to the end of a hypocritical era. This contract has been put into place to help and protect those living together in terms of housing and employment. It is in no way a paving or a first step towards marriage, it is a status on its own. The law also provides protection for same sex couples, independently from matrimonial laws. No mention was made at any time about gay couples (reflecting perhaps the conservative side of Monaco). Regardless of the conservative nature of Monaco, the law proves that Monaco is adapting to the realities of modern life, and this includes the nature of human relationships.

It was noted that Europe being in favour of the “Pacs” it will only help to speed up the legislative process of the law being adopted and implemented. The depth of this proposed law went as far as taking into consideration that couples who’ve been together for 5 years and more can benefit from health care, or even a pension scheme paid out to a surviving partner.

Things are moving forwards, and the law needs to be voted within 6 months, otherwise it gets bogged down and forgotten. So now that it has been proposed as a law, the finer details need to be worked on. Also if there is to be social services and economic impacts and benefits, this needs to be taken into consideration and budgeted for.

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