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New electric bicycle stations in Monaco

Mobility and ecology are at the core of the Government’s concerns and policies, which is why new bicycle stations are being installed in Monaco. There are now a total of 15 electric bike stations distributed throughout the Principality: at locations like the Princess Grace Hospital, the Larvotto and the Rosarie Princess Grace de Fontvieille, among others.

“You’ll see the new stations at different locations around the Principality, like at the Princess Grace Hospital or close to the Roseraie Princess Grace. Transportation and mobility policies are at the heart of this government project. Our principality has about 38,000 residents and 52,000 workers, which means that many workers reside outside the Principality. Action projects launched by the Princely government include relieving external congestion, to promote accessibility to the Principality. To help alleviate internal traffic, we’re trying to promote alternative modes of transportation, other than cars, by facilitating communal transport, developing the pedestrian-only roads, and developing the electric bicycle network,” said Severine Canis-Froidefond, director of Urban Planning and Mobility in Monaco.

Prince Albert II on an electric bicycle
Prince Albert II on an electric bicycle. Source:

“It’s a service which was put in place in partnership with the bus company of Monaco in 2010.  In the beginning, we had less stations compared with today. The goal is to cover a maximum amount of territory. We currently have 15 stations in service, 3 of which were recently added like the station in Place du Palais and the Hector Otto station. In about 4 months, we will install a new station near the Yacht club of Monaco, which will be directly linked with the Auditorium, and will permit users to easily get to the Casino Terrace.”

Today, 500 users are subscribed to the electric bicycles, and with new stations popping up, people on the waiting list will certainly be able to gain access to more mobility around the Principality.

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