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New Green Space at Place d’Armes and other Monaco news

Autumn makes its first timid steps but we are still enjoying the summer. In case you missed something interesting that happened this last summer week we selected for you the most interesting news about Monaco.

New Green Space at Place d’Armes

New Green Space at Place d’Armes

For several months now, construction work has been underway to secure Place d’Armes and to surround it with beautiful green spaces. Members of the Urban Development Department have been working on enhancing the Principality’s popular, emblematic space with greenery for several days now.

Pomp And Ceremony At The Palace Every Day – Be There Just Before Midday

The Changing Of The Guard At The Palace – Every Day Just Before Midday

You can set your clocks by it – 11.55, five minutes to midday. The Changing of the Guard at the Palace. But don’t wait until the last second to take your place. Best to secure a good viewing spot in the square in front of the Palace up to thirty minutes before. Hundreds of other tourists have the same idea and their gaiety adds to the spectacle and the ambiance.

Monte-Carlo Country Club Tournament

Monte-Carlo Country Club Tournament

The Monte-Carlo Country Club’s summer tennis tournament, which ran in August, gathered 340 players from all over the world. Limited to third series players, the 300 men and 40 women participants came from Bermuda, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, the United States, Monaco and France.

Princes’ Civil Registry: The Story of the Princely Family in One Book

Princes’ Civil Registry: The Story of the Princely Family in One Book

It’s no secret that Monaco’s archives contain a whole bunch of books, manuscripts and other documents. There are thousands and thousands of pages telling us about the history of Monaco and its population. All of them are certainly of great value to historians. One of these documents is the Civil registry (le registre des actes de l’Etat Civil des Princes de Monaco).

You don’t have to be royalty to be treated royally. That is the spirit behind the philosophy of ASM in their new program called “Premium” which can be tagged onto any season-ticket deal. It is very flexible, you just add 195 euros onto the price of your season ticket and” hey presto” you are designated “Premium” with all the advantages.
The Yacht Show (MYS) has evolved to be one of the Crown Jewels of the Principality – an international event that attracts an elite audience. Last year’s attendance figures were in the stratosphere at around 30.000 visitors. Gaëlle Tallarida is General Manager of the Monaco Yacht Show and she would be the first to tell you that the growth of the global prestige of the Yacht Show does not happen by accident.
For several years now, AS Monaco has been very active in recruiting football rookies during the summer. At a press conference held at the Hermitage Hotel on Monday, AS Monaco and Vice President Vadim Vasilyev presented their rookie summer recuits. In total, eight new players are joining the team for the 2018-2019 season.

An Oriental Masterpiece ​o​f Harmony ​a​nd Tranquility ​i​n​ ​the Heart Of Monte Carlo

Purity Of Zen Thought And Peace Reign In Monaco’s Japanese Garden

You are in the heart of Monte Carlo with all the glitz, celebrities, Grand Prix racing, Casinos and spectacular nightlife. Suddenly, you have this feeling that you want to be transported away to a mystical place. Perhaps a day of meditation and tranquillity is what your soul is crying out for at this special moment. A tranquil oriental garden would be perfect. If only there were a sanctuary to breathe in the sweet scent of bonsai-style trees, even listen to the sound of a babbling stream.

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