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New Law addresses Maternity Leave for Self-employed Workers in Monaco

The National Council officially passed a new law which establishes maternity leave for self-employed workers in Monaco during a Public Legislative Session on Thursday 22 February 2024.

Bill No. 1086 addresses maternity leave for self-employed female workers and is affiliated with the Health, Accident and Maternity Insurance Fund for Self-Employed Workers (CAMTI). The duration of this maternity leave (which will soon be specified by ministerial decree) cannot be less than eighteen weeks. In addition, it provides that a fixed daily compensation will be paid for the duration of the leave (the amount of which will also be defined by ministerial decree). Finally, the law is open to self-employed workers who become pregnant on the date that the law was passed.

The bill amends and modifies Law No. 1.048 dating from 28 July 1982, which established a social benefit system for independent workers. The new bill concerns all self-employed worker, which includes varied professions and working conditions. The new law will come into effect as soon as possible”.

Before passing the new law, the Commission consulted with over 25 groups across Monaco, including the High Commissioner for the Protection of Rights, Freedoms and Mediation, the Federation of Monegasque Businesses, the Monegasque Hotel Industry Association, the Association of Taxi Operators and the Monaco Order of Physicians. Members of the Family Rights Commission and of Equality welcomed the new law.

According to National Council members, the new law will allow self-employed women to receive the same right to maternity leave that women in the private and public sectors receive, helping them welcome their child with all the attention that the child deserves during a unique and precious moment in the life of one’s family.

Upon reading her report, National Council member Marine Hugonnet-Grisoul called on the government to consider paternity leave and adoption leave for the self-employed.

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