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New winter menu at the Louis XV

The three star restaurant of Alain Ducasse is now offering a winter menu at 165 euros to seduce a new clientele, eager to offer gourmet multi-star enjoyment

It’s the time of the season. The recent publication of the 2017 Michelin guide has whetted the appetite of gourmets everywhere. At the start of the year at the Hotel de Paris, Monaco’s only three-star restaurant, Alain Ducasse’s Louis XV has decided to open up to a wider palette via a discovery menu called the “Winter Dinner,” through 20 March.

“This is a proposal to make the Louis XV more accessible during the quiet period and allow a different clientele to discover this place via an appealing menu formula,” explains Michel Lang, the restaurant’s manager.

A restaurant first

The menu formula offered until 20 March makes it possible to select a starter, a main, cheese and dessert for 165 euros or 225 euros for a food and wine pairing.

A substantial sum of money, but it is almost half the price of a typical meal at Alain Ducasse’s star-adorned table (around 500 euros per person).

Alain Ducasse’s Louis XV

“This is a first for the establishment,” continued Michel Lang, “we aim to attract a local, perhaps younger clientele who would not necessarily have come to the Louis XV, as they might have been a little intimidated by the place.”

Between these faithful regulars and international clientele, the Louis XV plays with this formula a median card supposed to seduce a local and active public. The menu highlights some of Dominique Lory’s finest creations: shellfish and chickpeas with a fresh taste of the sea, millet cook-pot, wild mushrooms and cabbage; steamed blue lobster; pintadon des Landes cooked on a wood fire; warm blood orange soufflé or the famous baba au rum. The winter dinner menu replaces the lunch tasting menus when the restaurant was previously open at noon.

“We used to have a loyal clientele at lunchtime. They have been coming less frequently since we opened only in the evening, and they could come back for this menu, which should become a regular fixture during the quiet seasons in the Principality,” added Michel Lang, who has been at the famous restaurant for 25 years.

The delicious and reasonably priced winter menu formula by Alain Ducasse is sure to please new diners eager to discover this enchanting three star restaurant.

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