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Oceano for all: Helping Children of the Roya Valley

The Oceanographic Institute and the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation are committed to help the children of the disaster-stricken Roya valley. After the emergency, the daily difficulties plus the pressure accumulated since the onset of bad weather mean the last few months have put the inhabitants of the disaster-stricken valleys of the Alpes-Maritimes to the test. The Oceanographic Institute of Monaco thus wished to dedicate the 2021 edition of “Oceano pour tous” to the children of the Roya valley, offering them a moment of escape and discovery in the heart of the marine world. The Foundation is appealing for donations to help finance this project.

Last year and this year again were marked by a global pandemic but also by natural disasters of rare intensity, proving how closely the sea and the mountains are closely linked. It is more than ever necessary to support children in their understanding of current environmental issues and to make them aware of the role that each can play in preserving the planet. While marine ecosystems provide food, regulate our climate, and are home to a great diversity of species, the ocean today is under strain. It is urgent to protect it. 

Participating in the creation of children’s ecological awareness is one of the fundamental missions of the Oceanographic Institute, which has been brought to life through the “Oceano pour tous” project for 7 years.

Children’s Ocean Projects 

After a day of activities and discoveries at the Oceanographic Museum, the students will work on a journalistic project (videos, photos or text …) in order to relay a message in favour of the preservation of marine ecosystems and their biodiversity. Involved in a collective, creative and committed project, they deliver their vision of the Ocean. Class work will then be promoted via the Institute’s media and shared with the other classes. Antoine Zeghdar, godfather of the 2021 edition, is a young French rugby union player playing rugby for Oyonnax. He is also a French international in rugby sevens. A native of the country who grew up facing the Mediterranean, Antoine Zeghdar is sensitive to its preservation.

Oceano for all: Helping Children of the Roya Valley

Community Mobilization 

The Urban Community of the French Riviera and the Association of Friends of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco (AAMOM) have made possible the realization of this special edition with respect to the initiative of allowing classes in the Roya valley to benefit from the logistical and material resources necessary for their participation. As every year, the French Ministry of National Education, the Monaco National Youth and Sports Education Department, Le Grand Tour, the Novotel Monte-Carlo hotel, Stars’N’Bars and France Bleu Azur will also provide their support by participating directly in the organization of the event. Several individual donors, who wish to remain anonymous, have already joined in this operation, as well as foundations or charitable associations such as the BNP Paribas Foundation, the Aleksandr Savchuk Foundation, The High Life Monaco, the Lions Club International (District 103 Côte- d’Azur Corsica). Finally, in their capacity as executive partners, Biotherm, Rolex and CFM Indosuez Wealth Management support throughout the year the actions carried out by the Oceanographic Institute in favour of the Ocean and of public awareness.


The Institute is appealing for individual donations in order to strengthen the means made available to children as part of their participation in the event (transport, overnight stays, various supplies, etc.). These donations will also extend the experience by giving as many classes as possible the opportunity to benefit from an additional day in the Principality of Monaco, and to benefit from a program of dedicated activities and entertainment. In the longer term, and depending on the funds raised, “Oceano pour tous” could extend to the Vésubie and Tinée valleys.

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