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Organ music makes visual art flourish

An exciting teamwork between a player of organ music and a visual artist was recently displayed in honour of the organ music festival. The first participant was playing on known terrain while the presence of the second protagonist was enough to confuse the visitors of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Immaculate Monaco on the occasion of the final day the international organ festival. The visual artist Berna had come from her native Lyons region to transcribe her emotions while listening to the music of the organist Thierry Escaich on a large blank canvas.

She began her stage expression in 2007 in China and then the Netherlands in Orgel park in Amsterdam. The stage performance in China was done ‘en trio’ with a flautist and a pan player.

Thierry Escaich , from the Academy of Fine Arts, had played for expositions or for original films but working with an artist was a first for him. He admits to having watched videos of the performer’s on stage work. He partially prepared his performance, “a summary of seven days interspersed with moments of passions between cut-offs of a zenith” to allow the audience to find themselves.

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Whatever the strategy chosen by the two artists, the performance is surprising. They found their eyes closed for more than an hour. The first brushstrokes of Bena intervened three minutes after the first notes played by the organist from the Ile-de-France. Enough time to soak up the “characters”. Blue, yellow, red … the colours multiplied on the painting placed in front of a hundred curious onlookers. Some saw a skull, others a sky flooded with colours.

Thierry Escaich was just curious to discover the diversity of Bena’s work. She has her own vocabulary. Their performance is the result of a double flow.

Thus, in a beautiful symbiosis, the organ music and the visual artist are able to speak to each other, to impressive results for the audience for the close of the festival.

To in a beautiful symbiosis, the organ music and the visual artist are able to speak to each other, to impress

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