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Portrait Exhibition by Patricia De Villaines

Patricia De Villaines, who studied at Ecole Camondo, a well-known design and architecture school in Paris, has embarked on a new path of painting portraits.  The public can view her series of portraits at the ‘Private Gallery’ located on Boulevard Princesse Charlotte.

Patricia De Villaines was a drawing teacher for many years before she decided to change directions and focus on painting portraits, an art that is both complex, unique and personal. She chooses models who inspire her with an objective of capturing their look as well capturing the essence of the model, according to the artist herself.

The artist believes that when one looks at a portrait, the subject’s appearance and their emotional state can be instantly conveyed. Even if the model is sad, as a painter, one has to respect the human form and convey who that person is through their specific traits, without accentuating certain elements. Patricia De Villaines believes that painting a child can be charming and it can be even more exciting to paint a more mature or older model, because there is a lot of depth to work with. The style used by the artist in her paintings varies according to the persona of her subject, which make her portraits more intriguing.

Every face has its own particularities, every look has its own story, and to breathe life into the canvas, Patricia De Villaines uses palette knives and paint brushes to create realistic and skillful pieces.

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