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Prince Albert’s Carabinier Orchestra in Orleans

The Carabinier Orchestra of HSH the Sovereign Prince recently participated in the 589th Joan of Arc Festival, held at the beginning of May in Orleans, in the presence of Edouard Philippe, Prime Minister of the French Republic.

Every year, for eleven days, the city of Orleans commemorates Joan of Arc, the heroine of the city’s liberation in 1429. Between 29 April, the date Joan of Arc arrived in the city, and 8 May, the day the British siege was raised, the regional capital pulses to the rhythm of festivities (parades, shows, medieval market, electronic music and more). Every year, a young Orleans girl is chosen to play Joan of Arc during the holiday. The girl participates in commemorations and leads the procession, during the parade on 8 May, which is the big culmination of the holiday attended by thousands of people.

Joan of Arc, Prince Albert’s Carabinier Orchestra in Orleans

It was in this context that the Carabiniers du Prince evolved to become the procession’s leaders during the five-kilometre-long parade through the streets of Orleans. The Orchestra preceded Joan, who was on horseback and accompanied by her pages, who were then followed by regional and national authorities.  The Prince’s Carabiner Orchestra surprised and delighted thousands of spectators throughout the parade by choosing an eclectic and surprising repertoire, usually used for military training. An unprecedented experience brilliantly performed under the watch of Colonel Luc Fringant, Superior Commander of the Public Force.

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