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Princely digest : Prince Albert II, Firefighters and the 2nd anniversary of Monaco twins and more…

Let’s take a look what kept the Sovereign busy last week

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco Attends International Panel on Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate Change 2

On December 6th, 2016, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco attended the Intergovernmental Panel Preparatory Meeting on Climate Change (IPCC). The four-day meeting is hosted by the Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco and Monacos government. The meeting focusses on a special report concerning climate change and its impact on oceans and the cryosphere (parts of the Earth which are frozen, including glaciers).

Climate Change4

Established in 1988 by the World Meteorological Organization and the United Nations Environment Program, their aim is to provide “…periodic scientific assessments on climate change, its impacts and future risks and to present strategies for adaptation and mitigation.

Climate Change

Telethon Yields Generosity and Warmth

The Telethon was an event full of generosity on the Hercules harbour, from Friday the 17th until midnight on Saturday night. Twelve stands throughout the city mobilized volunteers to collect funds dedicated to fighting Myopathy (a muscle disease) and other rare diseases.

The 100,000 euro target is in sight

“Our goal was 100,000 euros,” explains Muriel Agliardi, president of Telethon Monacos Association for Organizing and Promotion. I think well reach our target. The managers of the twelve booths told me that they worked very hard. But I do not have the exact figure yet. “

The Telethon is also a meeting place for friendship, good nature and benevolence. Baroness Elizabeth-Ann, godmother of the Telethon, came to the opening with her daughter Melanie-Ann. Another Attendee was the Minister of State.

His highness made an appearance on Saturday and visited all the stands. “Prince Albert II is extraordinary. He climbed onto a Harley Davidson, shot a rifle and warmly greeted the stands. He concluded his visit by greeting the Telethons organizing team.

Prince Albert II and Firefighters

In honour of Sainte-Barbe Day, patron saint of firefighters, a mass was given by Father Caesar Penzo, chaplain of the police force and was concelebrated by Bishop Fabrice Gallo, Canon Patrick Keppelet and Father Joseph Di Leo, Pastor of the Saint-Nicolas Parish. A celebration attended by the sovereign Albert II, Minister of State, Serge Telle and President of the National Council, Christophe Steiner. 250 people were in attendance, including many firefighters. At the end of the Mass, a cocktail event was offered in the barracks. Lieutenant-Colonel Tony Varo, chief of the fire brigade, presented awards to certain civilians who have helped firefighters on a daily basis.


The recipients are: Christophe Prat, Dr. Lorenzi, Denis Bernard, Chief of the Civil Protection Helicopter and Mrs. Giauffret, Firefighter (who celebrated their 100th birthday yesterday!) The Prince was shown new support and protection equipment, as well as the new 6-wheel crane (tow-truck). He attended a presentation concerning the use of drones and a demonstration by GRIMP (Recognition and Intervention in Dangerous Environments)

2nd Anniversary of Crown Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella

On 10 December 2014, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene welcomed their first and second child, twins Gabriella Thérèse Marie and Jacques Honoré Rainier. The twins were born at Princess Grace Hospital in La Colle, Monaco. Jacques, as his father’s heir, bears the titles Hereditary Prince of Monaco and Marquis of Baux while Albert has granted Gabriella the title of Countess of Carladès.

Photo of Palais Princier de Monaco
Twins 2
Photo of Palais Princier de Monaco

Prince Jacques and princess Gabriella celebrated their are 2nd birthday on the theme of a safari in the jungle.

Twins 3
Photo of Palais Princier de Monaco

Accompanied by their friends from the daycare crib and children of their age. Thanks to the “little train” for a birthday placed under the sign of the adventure.

Princess Charlene of Monaco Visits the Madurai City, India

Princess Charlene visits, India

Princess Charlene was in Madurai, India. Princess Charlene attended the Dindigul charity event and met with HIV-affected children and members of marginalised families at various places in the district here on Thursday.  

Princess Charlene visits, India

Also, she attend the congress for children summit at New Delhi on Saturday.

Princess Caroline at Chanel Pret-a-porter Show in Paris

Princess Caroline

Princess Caroline of Hanover and her daughter Princess Alexandra of Hanover attended the ‘Chanel Collection des Metiers d’Art 2016 – 17 Paris Cosmopolite’ Show held at the Hotel Ritz in Paris, France.

Princess Caroline with Pharrell Williams

After the show Princess Caroline had a nice small talk with Pharrell Williams who participated at Paris Cosmopolite Chanel show as a model.


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