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Top 5 Monaco Princely news: the youngest of the Grimaldi and shark attacks

Prince Pierre Casiraghi and his wife Beatrice Borromeo were blessed Tuesday with their first child, a baby boy, at the Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco. The nephew of Monaco’s Prince Albert, Pierre Casiraghi, is currently seventh in line to the throne. His wife, Borromeo, 31, is an Italian journalist.

Reports of the birth first appeared in the Instagram post by Beatrice Borromeo’s sister, Matilde Borromeo. The post included a picturesque view from the hospital’s maternity ward. She wrote in the post “28/2/2017 new date to add to the calendar in my family,” and then added several blue heart emojis.

instagram news
Source: instagram marie_pomeline

The newborn would be eighth in line to the throne after his father. Andrea Casiraghi, the elder brother of Pierre Casiraghi and the oldest child of Princess Caroline, would be in line to the throne before Pierre Casiraghi takes over. Andrea Casiraghi and his wife, Tatiana Casiraghi, have two children, a 4-year-old son named Sacha and a 2-year-old daughter, India. Princess Caroline’s second child and daughter, Charlotte Casiraghi, has a 3-year-old son named Raphael.

Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo married lavishly in July 2015 in what was reportedly called the royal highlight in the summer of 2015. The two met in college and had been in a relationship since 2008. Their child will be the fourth grandchild for Princess Caroline and would have been a great-grandchild to the late Princess Grace!

The name of the royal child has not been revealed yet. Beatrice Borromeo’s first expected post-baby appearance would be later this month at Monaco’s annual lavish royal ball Bal de la Rose.

Kelly Slater criticized by Princess Charlene of Monaco

Princess Charlene of Monaco criticized Kelly Slater after remarks by the surfer about culling sharks near Reunion Island.

Kelly Slater, eleven-time world surf champion, certainly did not expect to be sharply criticized by… Charlene of Monaco. How come? Sharks on Reunion Island have become a cause ignited by the princess. After the recent death of a 26-year-old bodyboarder following a shark attack on the Saint-André coastline, Slater, a fervent advocate for marine environment, called for local regulation and culling of sharks in the area.

Reunion Attack
Reunion Attack

“Honestly, I won’t be popular for saying this, but there needs to be a serious cull on Reunion and it should happen every day. There is a clear imbalance happening in the ocean there. If the whole world had these rates of attack nobody would use the ocean and millions of people would be dying like this. The French government needs to figure this out asap. 20 attacks since 2011!?!” said the American.

Princess Charlene
Princess Charlene. Source:

Charlene of Monaco, reacted strongly according to statements reported by Paris Match.

“I’m sorry about the young surfer, but he did not have to swim in these dirty waters, which are especially attractive to sharks, and where swimming is forbidden,” the Monegasque princess said. “We kill 1 million sharks a year, they have killed 20 people on Reunion since 2011 (it’s actually 20 attacks, including 8 fatal ones)… Without these predators, the planet would not work as it should. What Slater advocates endangers the ecosystem …” Will Kelly Slater take time to respond to the Princess’ remarks and continue the debate? We’ll soon find out.

Princess Charlene to Host World’s First Ever Water Bike Race Gala

In a world premier sporting event, Monaco will host the Riviera Water Bike Challenge (RWBC) on Sunday, June 4, 2017, in support of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation. The 21 kilometers between Nice and Monaco will be travelled on Schiller S1 water bikes.

Princess Charlene
Photo: Kasia Wandycz/Palais Princier

So Charlene has dedicated as many hours as she can into training out on the Mediterranean. “When the sea’s strong, it really is very difficult,” she explains. “You put all your energy into passing a wave, and then the floats drag you, you drift, fall back. It sometimes takes 45 minutes to go through a single kilometer! For the race, we’ll have to cover the distance between the principality and Nice [21 km]. Fortunately, we’ll be doing this in relay, in teams mingling famous athletes and amateurs.

Sponsored by the Princess Charlene Foundation, the Riviera Water Bike Challenge will benefit construction of a new water complex, including lifeguard training in Burkina Faso, where 90% of the population doesn’t know how to swim. Since its launch, her foundation has helped 307,000 people in 30 countries.

Princess Charlene
Princess Charlene has been training in Monaco on the Schiller S1 water bike since Christmas. Photo: Kasia Wandycz/Palais Princier

“I’m very proud of it,” she says. Participants are taught to swim but also first-aid gestures and, more broadly, to build their lives around the values of sport.

To bring attention to the Riviera Water Bike Challenge, Princess Charlene will be hosting a benefit gala at the Monaco Yacht Club on March 24.

Charlene on the cover of Paris Match Magazine

Two months after making the front page of Paris Match magazine, along with her family for the Christmas issue, Charlene is once again in the spotlight on the cover of the latest Paris Match. She talks about her biggest sporting challenge at the moment: raising her twins.

Princess Charlene and her twins
Princess Charlene and her twins. Source: Paris Match

“It’s an incredible age, and they’re always asking for you,” she explains, “spending time away from me seems unimaginable to them, they want to know everything, understand everything, ask me thousands of questions and they bump into things all the time… “

Charlene points out in particular the very strong relationship that unites Gabriella and Jacques, her “very protective” brother.

Princess Charlene and her twins
Jacques and Gabriella are playing in their room. Source: Paris Match

“The other day, Gabriella bumped into something and hurt herself,” she said, “and while I was looking after her, I saw Jacques hammering his little clenched fists on the desk that she had bumped into head-first, shouting, ‘Nasty table,’ he is very protective of his sister, and they cannot help but comfort each other. I could spend hours watching them play, they are adorable and inexhaustible. Which sometimes leaves me exhausted…”

Freeing time in her diary to enjoy valuable moments with her children, the wife of Albert II of Monaco says that her twins are “at an age where everything they live and learn will condition the rest of their lives.”

Prince Albert II of Monaco visits Madagascar with Father Pedro

The Prince of Monaco traveled to Madagascar and was welcomed by Father Pedro. Albert Grimaldi attended the inauguration of a school and a maternity hospital in a village Manantenasoa on Wednesday the 1st of March as Honorary President of the association “Monaco Aide et Présence,”which financed the two infrastructures. The visit also aimed to support Father Pedro’s candidacy for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Prince Albert II
Prince Albert II of Monaco visits Madagascar and was welcomed by Father Pedro. Source:

Price Albert spent a few hours in Manantenasoa and Andralanitra. Prince Albert II acted very kindly while attending the inauguration ceremonies. “He mixed with Father Pedro’s protégés, the majority of whom are poor people. He danced with them and walked through the hundreds of meters separating the two inaugurated buildings.”

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