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Princess Antoinette Park is Open and More Fun Than Ever for Children and Teenagers

Princess Antoinette Park near the Jardin Exotique which has lots of fun activities for children is fully open again after some major improvements to the grounds, started last October. There are abundant activities for very young children up to 9 years of age (games, swings, sand pits, etc.)

There are also leisure activities for teenagers thanks to the multi-purpose sports field, two badminton and tennis-ball courts as well as ping-pong tables. The latest improvements also added markings for basketball and handball. Good news for all those now eager to play.

Princess Antoinette Park

Also, there is a 18-hole clay-court mini-golf open year-round weather permitting.

The park is even prettier now too because while the improvements were being made, including to the underground water networks, cables which were previously overhead have been buried.

Princess Antoinette Park

Don’t forget to visit the mini-farm and vegetable garden which are very educational for children and teaches respect for nature. The younger kids can get acquainted with fruits and vegetables while older kids can enjoy being introduced to olive harvesting and pressing as well as learning about Mediterranean herbs and oils.

The improvements have resulted in making the park more accessible, easy to get around with better passageways and even more attention to safety.

Princess Antoinette Park

Take advantage of the opportunity for Birthday parties in the little house. The Birthday Hall of Princesse Antoinette Park can be rented to host events for children ages 3 through 12, on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The hall has a capacity for 19 people.

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