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Princess Charlene appointed to a new important position in the Principality

While the Princess of Monaco has been recuperating in South Africa, where she is recovering from her health problems and the operations that she has undergone, she was officially appointed to a new important mission in the Principality. According to the French press, Princess Charlene is now vice-president of the Monegasque Red Cross. She has been occupying this function remotely since August 1st and will be in this post going forward for at least three years. Princess Charlene will work in this new position together with her husband Prince Albert II, who is the President of the Monaco Red Cross.

Princess Charlene takes over the duties of Philip Narmino, who has held this position since 2014. Members of the Board of Trustees of the Monegasque Red Cross are appointed for three years.

Frederick Platini and Bettina Ragazzoni-Janin were supported and confirmed in their respective positions as secretary-general and treasurer-general. Amongst others, the youngest daughter of Princess Stephanie, is also a member of the Board of the organisation.

As a reminder at the beginning of May, Princess Charlene underwent a sinus lift and bone graft for dental implants. Following the operation, while fighting poaching and raising awareness about rhino mutilation in South Africa, the Princess suffered from a serious infection of the ears, nose and throat. The infection reached dangerous levels and she had to undergo emergency surgery.

Since her surgeries, she has not been able to take a plane home, because the sinus area would not withstand air pressure changes caused by air travel. 

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