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Princess Charlene’s Summer Campaign for Drowning Prevention

The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation recently launched a digital campaign to raise awareness about drowning prevention by displaying different key messages throughout the summer.

The campaign, #drowningprevention, is especially aimed at parents of children aged 5 and under, who are the most susceptible to drowning, and also at youth under 25 years of age who may act recklessly near water.

For children, it is important to remember the following suggestions: Never let a child out of your sight when they are close to water and make sure that an adult accompanies them while swimming. Always verify that their personal flotation device is adapted and functional. Teach them how to swim as early as possible.

The World Health Organization reports more than 320,000 deaths by drowning each year around the world. In 2019, the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation implemented programs in 15 countries so more than 60,000 people, mostly children, were sensitized about water safety and taught how to swim.

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