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Princess Grace Hospital receives a Clean Bill of Health

The Princess Grace Hospital took stock of the past year and looked towards it upcoming plans during a traditional ceremony in the presence of Prince Albert II and several officials on 22 January. In the Hera room of the Princess Grace Hospital Centre, Director Benoîte Rousseau de Sevelinges painted a picture of 2023 and unveiled the CHPG’s outlook for 2024.

Last year saw the demolition of Bel Air and the start of construction of the new hospital next to the Louis II. The hospital is expected to take over some of its new premises by 2026. During the event, the Director also revealed some telling facts and figures.

Over 90% of patients would recommend the CHPG…

Last year, the hospital cared for 83,000 patients for a total of 145,000 days of hospitalisation (7% more than in 2022). Activity in 2023 was up by 9%,  which is far beyond the performance displayed by comparable establishments, according to Benoîte Rousseau-De Sevelinges. Patient surveys revealed that 92% of patients would recommend the CHPG to their relatives.

In his speech, Prince Albert II recognised the work of 2,800 employees who run an establishment which is so vital to the Principality and its neighbouring regions. The Sovereign stated that his  Government will continue discussions with the highest French authorities to strengthen health cooperation between the two countries.

Experts in robotic surgery

The CHPG demonstrates excellent skill levels in robotic urological and gynaecological surgeries. In 2021, in the midst of the COVID crisis, the CHPG acquired two robots with the ambition to become a leader in digestive robotic surgery. In 2023, Dr. Maurice Chazal and his team reached that goal and the CHPG became an expert centre in robotic surgery. The establishment is now one of only a few places with expertise in all three areas.

Digital transformations and AI…

According to Prince Albert II, modern hospitals must adapt to the advances of science and the use of artificial intelligence. His vision of a modern, scalable, functional hospital with state-of-the-art technology will ensure a high level of quality under Christophe Robino, who was appointed Minister of Health and Social Affairs in 2022.

90% of the services now have a fully digital patient file. Artificial intelligence solutions are currently integrated in several departments. A portal has been launched which allows patients to make appointments online, download examination results, answer questionnaires and monitor their health in the most participatory way possible. The CHPG pharmacy, under the direction of Dr. Catherine Cucchi, is preparing its future as a robotic and computerised pharmacy in the future hospital.

Poignantly, the Director also paid tribute to André Garino, who chaired the hospitals board of directors for twelve years and sadly passed away in October 2023.

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