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Princess Grace of Monaco Foundation launches Calls to Action

The Princess Grace of Monaco Foundation will be releasing funds to help children’s hospitals cope with the current health crisis, namely the Necker-Enfants Malades hospital in Paris. The Foundation’s mission is to support hospitalized children and help parents finance their travel and accommodation so they can be near the hospital and stay with their little ones. 

The Princess Grace Foundation needs its donors more than ever for this exceptional cause. Each donation received will be entirely devoted to this special operation.

Princess Grace of Monaco Foundation launches Calls to Action

Faced with the obligation of self-isolation, many welcoming homes were forced to close their doors, leaving the parents no choice but to stay in hotels, at rates at least twice as high.  In addition, many provincial hospitals have requisitioned paediatric resuscitation services to accommodate the influx of severe COVID-19 cases in adults. Hospitalized children needing treatment were then redirected to large paediatric hospitals, in particular to the Necker-Enfants Malades hospital, forcing parents to accompany their children far from their places of residence, sometimes for several weeks.

In addition to its annual budget of around €600,000, the Princess Grace Foundation has urgently released an additional €80,000 to help these parents and their sick children. This increase in financing may be revised upwards at a later date depending on the development of the situation.

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