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Public car parks: fee increase of €60 to deter practice of monopolising parking spaces

Every year, the Public Car Parks Office reassesses rates for all of its hourly fees and season tickets, including “residential”, day and night, working hours, business use, two-wheel vehicle, etc.

In 2021, it has decided to add an additional monthly fee of €60 for season ticket holders whose parked car has not been moved in a month. In practical terms, this additional fee targets those users who have a residential day-and-night season ticket (€106), which gives them the right to a non-allocated space, and who then leave their vehicle there permanently, de facto turning the public space into a “reserved space”.

This applied to nearly 400 vehicles in January 2021 alone, a figure which is sadly rising. These cars belong to residents who own at least two vehicles or even more. The Prince’s Government is thus taking measures to deter people from monopolising parking spaces in this way. When a vehicle is driven, it frees up a parking space for another user. This turnover is essential if a quality service is to be provided for all users of public car parks.

Currently, the Principality’s public car parks offer 17,000 spaces, but despite this ample supply, the Public Car Parks Office has a waiting list of more than 6,000 requests for a residential season ticket.

As Eric Sciamanna, Head of the Office, emphasises: “the everyday remit of the public car park teams is to be of service to as many users as possible. The monopolisation of spaces by these vehicles runs counter to this principle.”

He clarified that the additional fee would only apply to “unreserved space” rates. Residents in state-owned properties who have an identified, reserved space will not be affected. Infrequent drivers who use their car up to 15 times a month will not be charged this fee, and will in fact benefit from a €10 discount.


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