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Residents of the Jardins d’Apolline meet with government

Multiple high level Government officials have met with residents of Jardins d’Apolline in order to share news of the latest plans for their housing following their sanitation situation.

On Monday, 2 October, the Minister of State, accompanied by Jean Castellini, Government Advisor-Minister of Finance and Economy, Didier Gamerdinger, Government Counselor-Minister for Social Affairs and Health, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Counselor Minister of Environment, Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, Rémy Rolland, Administrator of the Domains, Olivier Lavagna, Director of Public Works, Albert Croesi, Head of Mission and Emmanuelle Nardo, Head of Department , met with the residents of the Jardins d’Apolline apartment complex to take stock of the measures initiated by the Government in order to face the unprecedented situation of this complex domain.

The Jardins d’Appolline residents have been faced with a period of time with undrinkable water and their homes required large scale redevelopment and renovation to address key issues. Previous articles released by the Government this past summer had detailed the kinds of measures being taken, such as the installation of different kinds of filters on distribution columns and kitchen taps, and the process they would undergo to rehouse residents and to store their furnishings in order to protect property from damage.

After noting that total potability of the water had now been achieved, Serge Telle addressed the three main topics of this meeting:

  1. Resettlement: adapted solutions were found in consultation with each of the residents.
  2. The rehabilitation work will begin on 15 February 2018, the Government has chosen to use a delegated contracting authority.
  3. The State has initiated legal proceedings to reconcile the urgent realization of the work and the conduct of expertise on the liability of claims.

The Minister of State concluded by saying that: “We were three months ago in a reactive situation. I am pleased to see that we are moving forward now, and in an accelerated manner.”

After speaking to members of the Government hopefully the residents of Jardins d’Appolline have now had their concerns addressed with a clear plan for the future.

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