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Response of the editor of HelloMonaco to the anonymous author

Dear readers!

Perhaps you too received an anonymous letter today from somebody named Yan, who accuses HelloMonaco of stealing authentic material that was published in our first edition of HelloMonaco Magazine. I would like to remind everyone that all material published on our site and in our magazine are copyrighted and authentic.  All interviews (Journal 7) were taken from the participants personally and all editorial articles were written by HelloMonaco or by journalists specifically involved in this project.

HelloMonaco magazine is a logical continuation of our website, which is widely known and popular in Monaco and beyond. The main objective of the website and magazine is to popularize the principality among the Russian and English-speaking population, covering the advantages of Monaco, it’s rich history, Monaco’s upstanding citizens, it’s cultural heritage, contemporary life in Monaco, cultural and business events, and the efforts of Prince Albert II in the field of sustainable development.

Therefore, by making such unwarranted and frivolous accusations Yan from TRUST Media, publisher of RUS Monaco magazine, has attacked not only my personal credibility but also my integrity as a journalist, causing my readers to feel cheated and discouraged by putting their trust in HelloMonaco.

I also want to emphasize that I am officially registered in Monaco and have been authorized by the Government of Monaco for my online and printed material. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about TRUST Media, registered in the Netherlands. I’d also like to mention that HelloMonaco has nothing to do with and the trademarked name HelloMonaco, belongs to me by the right of possession of the domains and

I am a law-abiding resident of Monaco, founder and editor of HelloMonaco website and Magazine, mother of three children, and ambassador of the Charity Foundation “Change One Life”. I try to live life everyday with moral integrity and fulfill my obligations to society. Therefore, I reserve the right to file with court for compensation of the damages done to my reputation and the reputation of my family. I can assure you that my lawyers fully share my passion for this matter and will take it with the upmost severity.

Today I received a huge number of calls and messages from friends and people close to me as well as from HelloMonaco readers. Everyone granted words of support and congratulated me on the first issue of HelloMonaco magazine. I really appreciate your help and support! Thank you very much!

The following is addressed to ” Yan”:
I write without hiding my name and status under fictitious nicknames because I have nothing to conceal. “Yan”, it is dishonest and unprofessional as a man and as a businessman to use such dirty and sneaky tactics. Perhaps this is something you consistently do but I have morals and would never resort to slandering a competitor’s name and business. I will continue to do my job by providing objective journalism about the great country where I have the pleasure to reside in.

Olga Taran


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