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Rich and varied programme for the Oceanographic Museum and the Tous Oceano campaign

Until 5 January, the Monaco Oceanographic Museum invites children and adults to a variety of activities and offers interesting gift ideas made from recyclable materials. The museum also introduced five ambassadors of Oceano fauna who took part in the Tous Oceano campaign at the end of the year.

A rich programme for the Oceanographic Museum

As every holiday season, the programme at the Oceanographic Museum is very rich. The digital and interactive exhibition allows visitors to discover the treasures of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the largest animal-based construction on the planet visible from space! Accompanied by a guide, you will dive 10 metres deep to meet the “Great 8”, the living icons of this fascinating underwater forest. Information sheets will be included in the projection to help you identify and understand the behaviour of these species. Be attentive and pay attention to what is going on all around you… Between the nocturnal hunting of the sharks, the spawning of the corals, the parade of the manta rays or the first bathing of the baby turtles… Your virtual and interactive diving is promised to be memorable!

A must-see feature of the museum program is the Touch Aquarium where visitors can discover the animals of the Mediterranean coastline. Young and old, let your senses guide you and discover the specificities of each marine species present in the basin.

The Escape, a themed game will transport players to the Princess Alice II, Prince Albert I’s famous laboratory ship. With family or friends, experience a space-time journey! In a setting inspired by the marine universe, your explorer soul will be called upon to carry out the important mission entrusted to you. You will have to search, solve puzzles, decipher codes and communicate with each other in order to avoid sinking at all costs … and the loss of your precious discoveries! This fun and friendly adventure is available in a 30 min format (Discovery Escape, beginner level) and also a 60 min (Escape Experience, advanced level) format.

Finally, equipped with virtual reality glasses, explore the marine world and meet the most mythical species through two films: “Little big Whale”: the poetic story of an old sperm whale and his travels in the great ocean. One day, he meets Man… Through sensational 360 ° images, vibrate in front of these giants who roam the seas of the world, listen to them talk to you and breathe at their own pace.

“Tubbataha 360 °”: embark with the Oceanographic Institute for the Philippines and dive into Tubbataha Natural Park, one of the most beautiful seas in the world. Without a mask or snorkel, experience the thrills of diving without even getting wet.

This festive season, the Oceanographic Museum is offering recyclable items in its shop as original gifts, in addition to the traditional annual pass or sponsorship and patronage with respect to selected fish as part of the protection of the Ocean and its inhabitants.

For more information, call +377 93 15 36 00 or visit the Oceanographic Museum website.

Tous Oceano Сampaign

During All Saints’ Day, the campaign called Tous Oceano invited visitors to celebrate the link between humans and animals by taking a picture in a photobooth, next to one of the museum’s animal ambassadors, mimicking the chosen animal or fish.

Oceano Monaco – The Institute of Oceanography has chosen the ribbon eel, napoleon fish, cow fish, grey angelfish, yellowfin ballfish and striped jellyfish as the ambassador species for your ocean message.

Five of these can be found near or in coral reefs and have enabled the museum to replicate and support the Oceano Monaco 2020 programme in favour of coral reefs.

“The jellyfish is also one of the stars of this campaign, being the marine emblem of the fight against single-use plastic. The scourge that silently suffocates our blue planet,” the Museum says on its website.

The museum’s website features photos of several species, next to which you can upload your own photo from your computer and post this collage on social media with the hashtag #TousOCEANO to become an ambassador for Tous Oceano’s ocean support programme.

Among the nearly 4,000 new entrants of all ages, the Museum has selected five photos to be used for the new campaign poster. These are Etiennette standing in front of a mandarin fish, James, an Oceano Club researcher next to a yellowfin ballfish, Gita, photographed with a jellyfish pelagia, Marie, François, Pierre and Lino, a family standing next to a clownfish, and Benoit with a zebra-winged fish.

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