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Royal or Commoner, Coronavirus is Oblivious to Social Rank

Prince Albert has been recently tested positive with coronavirus at a time when he was in the front of the fight against Covid-19 and was fulfilling the responsibilities for his nation. He would have been aware that the epidemic always had the potential to put him in harm’s way and to expose him to a high degree of risk. After putting the care of his country and its people before all he is now infected, yet still working in private for us all, cared for by his personal physician. The Palace assures us that the Sovereign’s state of health raises no cause for concern.

Coronavirus is Blind to Social Rank

The Prince isn’t the sole member of Europe’s aristocracy to have been targeted by coronavirus in its latest wave of attacks. Karl von Habsburg, the Archduke of Austria, has by many reports been diagnosed with COVID-19 and is now, like Monaco’s Prince, having to isolate himself.

Karl von Hapsburg’s ancestral titles include Archduke of Austria, Royal Prince of Hungary, Bohemia and Croatia. It has been revealed that last week he had discovered mild symptoms of coronavirus which attacks indiscriminately, no matter Royal or commoner, creating symptons that include a cough, headache and a little fever.

Not quite 60 years old and at the helm of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine, the Archduke now joins thousands of others who are coming to terms with their diagnosis. It is reported to have been broadcasted to viewers of the Austrian TV channel Oe24. He is also reported in the international press to find the illness annoying, but to be fine – with a friend dropping groceries to his door every two days.

It is not a medieval plague and a majority of those stricken recover well – that is also widely reported to reflect the attitude of the Archduke. According to reports a friend had called him to reveal he had had a positive test at a congress in Switzerland, and so the Archduke, sensibly, was also tested. In the same way that Prince Albert has been pouring praise on Monaco’s institutions for keeping the Principality safe the Archduke had some kind words for the Austrian authorities in the way they are dealing with the crisis; how they act with determined focus and without any sense of panic.

Since the beginning of the week there has been little rise in the count of cases in Monaco; there is the one case of Prince Albert himself and just one other.

There is a piece of good news in that the young 27 year old British man on the Rock, so highly publicized in the initial count on February 28th, has fully recovered and is reported to be back happily at home on the Rock. One worrisome piece of news is that of the remaining ten cases there is a man in his 60s who has been stricken hard by the viral illness and is reported to be designated as in serious condition.

In a press release, the Princely government “confirms the need to observe the precautionary measures announced in recent days”.

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