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Satisfaction survey places Monaco top out of 122 stations

In July and September 2018, BVA Group carried out passenger surveys at 122 stations on the SNCF network, evaluating the following five areas, in addition to “overall satisfaction”:

  •       Station cleanliness and safety
  •       Getting around the station
  •       Information
  •       Shops/services in the station
  •       How pleasant it is to spend time in the station

Out of these 122 stations, the Principality came out top in both surveys. Each area assessed saw improvement between July and September and the overall satisfaction score increased from 8.30 to 8.45 out of 10.

These results have been achieved through the combined efforts of the stationmaster, service providers, retailers, SNCF and TER staff, and police officers.

Some highlights worth noting:

  •  The station in the Principality is the first to reach this high standard and level of quality.
  • Monaco was awarded the highest score for Cleanliness (9.03/10). No other station achieved a 9/10 for any single area.
  •  In terms of overall satisfaction, Monaco was also in first place.
  •  The fantastic scores for cleanliness and safety are the result of the Police Department’s efforts on a daily basis.
  •  The Information for travellers score improved by 0.68 points between July and September.
  •   Significantly more progress is expected to be achieved in the area of Shops following the work to renovate the station concourse and outlets, planned for 2019.

The two other stations in the top three were Meuse TGV (8.28/10 overall satisfaction score) and Belfort Montbéliard TGV (8.27/10).

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