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Savouring Sicily, Elegance and Flavour: Surprising Discoveries at Monaco’s Da Valentino

Nestled on the bustling Boulevard du Larvotto, Da Valentino has the potential to emerge as Monaco’s newest culinary hotspot. Replacing the former Maya Jah, this southern Italian restaurant promises a high-end dining experience infused with Italian elegance and charm.

From the moment you step into Da Valentino, it’s clear this isn’t your typical eatery. The restaurant’s décor, a harmonious blend of cream and dark brown tones, exudes sophistication. Walls adorned with fine woodwork and framed panels create an atmosphere that is both inviting and opulent. The space is punctuated by grand crystal chandeliers, leading diners through a series of intimate alcoves to a cozy back room that brims with old-world charm.

Chef Stefano Francioso, the mastermind behind the menu, brings the vibrant flavours of southern Italy and Sicily to each plate. His culinary creations, including traditional favorites like vitello tonnato, are made with ingredients sourced directly from these regions. The menu is a celebration of fresh, seasonal produce, presented with a modern twist. Expect dishes that are as visually stunning as they are delicious, from antipasti to dolci.

Da Valentino
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La Dolce Vita

Da Valentino also offers a unique happy hour experience, featuring a selection of cold meats, parmesan meatballs, and an impressive wine list. The ambiance is elevated by a pianist starting at 5:30 pm, and as the evening progresses, a DJ takes over, infusing the space with lively Italian beats. This seamless blend of dining and entertainment captures the essence of la Dolce Vita, inviting guests to dine, drink, and dance into the night.

The bar at Da Valentino is a destination in its own right. With its elegant stone counter and high, comfortable seats, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a signature cocktail. Names like “Dolce Vita,” “Tentazione,” and “Passione” set the tone for an unforgettable evening. The restaurant’s commitment to quality extends to its beverage offerings, with exceptional wines available at retail prices before dinner.

Dining at Da Valentino is more than just a meal; it’s an experience. The attentive staff, dressed in chic Italian attire, enhance the atmosphere with their warm, melodic accents and impeccable service. Whether it’s the daytime pinstripe suits or the evening’s three-piece ensembles, their style and professionalism add to the restaurant’s charm.

Da Valentino
@Da Valentino

Sway to the Italian Classics

Music plays a pivotal role in creating Da Valentino’s enchanting ambiance. Guests are welcomed by the sounds of a black lacquered baby grand piano, and as the night unfolds, the resident DJ, a well-known figure in Monaco, takes the reins. The musical journey includes classic Italian hits, creating a lively yet refined atmosphere that invites diners to not only tap their fingers and toes but also to sing along to timeless tunes.

Currently open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday, Da Valentino plans to extend its hours after the Grand Prix to 7/7 days offering lunch packages from 29 euros, i.e. 29 euros (starter + main course + dessert + bottle of water + coffee) or 35 euros (starter + main course + dessert + bottle of water + a glass of wine + coffee). With a capacity of 110 seats, including a picturesque terrace, the restaurant aims to become a daily destination for both locals and visitors.

Da Valentino is more than just a restaurant; it’s a portal to Italy’s sun-soaked southern regions, right in the heart of Monaco.

Da Valentino
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