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Seven new start-ups join MonacoTech

The third MonacoTech selection panel has chosen seven new start-ups to join the incubator and accelerator programme created by the Monegasque Government in cooperation with Monaco Telecom and Xavier Niel.

O’Sol: Take advantage of solar energy to simplify your operations!

O’Sol makes solar energy accessible to mobile or emergency applications using generators which deploy their panels and follow the sun automatically. The generators can be set up and disassembled in less than a minute.

Black River: A submersible which aims to be the most advanced in the world!

Black River develops underwater vehicles that can operate autonomously but can also carry a pilot and passenger. The company’s flagship product, the BR1000, draws its inspiration from the anatomy of a tuna fish and the traditional propeller has been replaced by a fin, allowing it to travel faster. It has applications in the military, research and oil and gas fields.

URBANLab: Focusing on people

URBANLab offers solutions for pedestrian flow simulations which return the focus to people, particularly with regard to travel and safety, making it possible to “live” the space before it is built.

Classic & Electric: Creating the “future of old cars” by converting classic cars to run on electric power

Classic & Electric converts classic cars to run on electric power while fully preserving their original characteristics thanks to a completely reversible process.

iDruide: Encouraging independence and success at school

iDruide offers an innovative solution developed for the world of education, consisting of a tablet with a detachable keyboard and specially adapted operating system and software. The tablets are given to the teacher and to each pupil, and can be used both in class and at home.

SKYdeals: Revolutionising shopping in the air with connected planes!

SKYdeals allows travellers to take advantage of private sales during their flight using their smartphone.

OSM / Orbital Solutions (Monaco) – Nanosatellites: a revolution in the use of space

Orbital Solutions is developing low-earth orbit (500 km) nanosatellites (1–10 kg), which will democratise the use of space and open up a wide range of applications, such as environmental studies, earth observation, the Internet of Things, etc.


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