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Signing of an Agreement between the Prince’s Government and Companies Providing Personal Care Services

On Monday 19 March 2018, Mr. Didier Gamerdinger, Minister of Health and Social Affairs, signed an agreement with the five directors of Monegasque personal care companies and the Union of Monegasque Home Care and Support Companies, relating to the provision of care to enable elderly people who are in receipt of the autonomy allowance to remain in their own home.

Currently, approximately 700 elderly people benefit from measures to help them remain in their own homes, making it possible to delay their entry into a care home for the elderly by almost ten years.

Enabling people to remain in their own homes, however, presupposes that the support our elderly people received is of high quality.

Thus, the aim of this agreement is to ensure the implementation, in the elderly person’s home, of a high-quality service that offers certain guarantees, within the framework of a support plan recommended by the Monaco Gerontological Coordination Centre (C.C.G.M.).

The main principles of the Convention are as follows:

–       the CCGM is a “one-stop shop” for families and is responsible for drawing up the support plan and a precise assessment of the needs of each applicant;

–       the service provider companies undertake to provide a high quality service, in particular by:

  • employing staff who are qualified in this type of service;
  • implementing initial and ongoing training for employees;
  • ensuring the continuity of service with a 24-hour telephone line;
  • respect the rates set by Ministerial Decree.

This agreement aims to achieve the Principality’s goal of excellence, especially with regard to social policy.

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