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Stars’N’Bars Event Honours Kate Powers : Her Legacy Lives On through her Foundation

Kate Powers was lost to Monaco much too young through illness almost a year ago. So much was she beloved that her friends have just set up a Foundation in her honour on her birthday July 16th. She would have been 69. 

HelloMonaco had the privilege of interviewing Kate unaware, of course, that we all were going to lose her, far far too soon. Here are just two exchanges from that interview which reveal how much Kate Powers cared for Monaco and its environment. 

HelloMonaco: What do you like the most about Monaco? 

Kate Powers: I love Monaco because I love the small country that it is, the Principality that it is. I love being on the sea, I love being surrounded by the mountains. I love that we’re working so much on the environment, that our Prince is involved and really wanting to make a difference. It’s a challenge in Monaco, but there’s so many people now, with the government included, getting involved together and trying to make a difference. So I’m very proud to live here. I’m Monegasque and proud to be a Monegasque, this is where I want to live the rest of my life.

HM: Do you have a dream?

Kate: I’m living my dream.

The focus of the newly created “Kate Powers Foundation” headed by her friend Rhonda Hudson won’t surprise you as it reflects Kate’s legacy and her passions particularly the environmental causes in which Kate, the driving force of Stars’N’Bars, was so very involved personally and professionally. 

And just one more exchange with Kate from her HelloMonaco interview which gives a clue to why her Foundation has plans to continue to develop programs for educating children about ecology, well-being and personal development. 

HelloMonaco: You’re the co-founder of EcoHub and Monacology.

Kate Powers: 16 years ago, we started it outside. We made a little village and invited all the children from the schools in Monaco to come. We had different companies, associations and the government come and do workshops to raise awareness for the children. And now, the children who were small before, are big and they do workshops now as well.

We learn that the Foundation also intends to maintain the concept of Eco Angels. This was an idea of Kate’s to mobilize citizens to take on practical initiatives like collecting waste in general and cigarette butts – all to reduce local pollution. 

Before Kate left this world we understand that her friend Rhonda Hudson had sought her permission to create a foundation that would bear her name to continue her causes. And so we see that Rhonda has just done that with princely approval and relatives, friends and work colleagues have joined this caring crusade which is centred exclusively on the Principality. The festive launch of the Foundation at Stars’N’Bars did Kate Powers’ fun-loving spirit proud. 

Think about joining and getting involved. It will be possible to become a member or volunteer for the Foundation which has currently developed a website.

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