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Straddle Cultures & Time on New Year’s Eve Ringing In 2024 Uniquely at MAYABAY

Would you like to celebrate your New Year in a more unique way. This year add a little Thai and Japanese zing to your celebration and embrace the best from other cultures. 

During this New Year’s Eve, welcome 2024 straddling the year end, also straddling Asian and Western culture. MAYABAY Monaco, always masterful at this, is organizing a New Year’s Eve with finesse. In the very refined Monegasque establishment, entirely redecorated for the occasion, New Year’s Eve on December 31 will in fact be the occasion to live a unique experience where light and sparkle will be the common threads of a dinner. In the decoration of course but also in the animations. A live performance of many will sign this evening which will gradually become more a festive event of emerging artists along the lines of “new atmosphere” blended with the best of most ancient traditions. 

And how can one not include lanterns when selecting from the leading global traditions and festivals. 

Announcing the passage from the past to renewal, the lantern is in Asia an object with strong symbolism …in order to translate the end of the year into a positive and warm moment, and to celebrate the transition towards a new era. 

Geisha singers at MAYABAY will punctuate this New Year’s Eve experience while the latter will be the hostesses for this one memorable evening.

Unique cocktails and exceptional culinary creations will punctuate this moment until midnight for the lights to go out! A way to announce the new year… and the other part of the evening!

So think of MAYABAY and how it immerses you in the spirit of Asian and Western festivals in its beautiful decorative setting full of unique illuminations. 

Straddle Cultures & Time on New Year’s Eve Uniquely at MAYABAY

Lanterns at New Year

Think of the lantern which has a long history of illumination throughout antiquity. Their first use can be dated all the way back to 230 BC in Ancient China during the Han Dynasty. In the Middle Ages, watchmen would patrol the streets at night while carrying lanterns.

And so in New Year festivals people light lanterns to symbolize driving out darkness and bringing hope to the coming year. It’s said that the tradition gained popularity during China’s Han Dynasty some 2,000 years ago.

A legend concerning the festival’s origin tells the tale of the Jade Emperor (You Di), who became angered at a town for killing his goose. He planned to destroy the town with fire, but he was thwarted by a fairy who advised the people to light lanterns across the town on the appointed day of destruction. The emperor, fooled by all the light, assumed the town was already engulfed in flames. The town was spared, and in gratitude the people continued to commemorate the event annually by carrying colourful lanterns throughout the town.

Spend New Year’s Eve at MAYABAY embracing the world’s greatest traditions and be transported into a fairy tale world straddling cultures and time and, of course, straddling 2023 and 2024.

Straddle Cultures & Time on New Year’s Eve Uniquely at MAYABAY
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