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Students get an introduction to basketball

A fortunate group of students in the Principality have recently received a fun intro to the sport of basketball.  Always close to their fans, the A.S. Monaco Basketball team continues the promotion of the Sport by the players of the Roca Team. In order to show how they do this, on Monday and Tuesday Olivier Basset, coach assistant, and Bangaly Fofana, pivot of the Roca Team, went to the Charles III College and then to the École des Révoires to introduce students to basketball and show them how the sport is done.

In partnership with the Directorate of National Education, Youth and Sports, these actions will be carried out throughout the year. The players of the Roca Team will follow in the gymnasiums of these two establishments for the greatest happiness of the students. The Directorate knows that this close contact with the local professional team is akin to young people being able to meet a local celebrity: the prestige associated with these encounters is immense and will form lasting memories. These students in the Principality will have the pleasure to learn from the best of the best in the field of basketball, and to feel more closely aligned with this well established sport.

During the course of a practical class, the two athletes were turned into sport teachers for this brief moment, helping students to see how the sport is mastered and how they can themselves achieve greater success in their basketball skills. It’s an excellent way to both inform and motivate students, allowing them to spend time with professionals in the field of this sport, and to hear first-hand how to master certain moves. It is a complex game requiring a combination of hand and foot and eye coordination, strength and speed, as well as agility.

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